EM-1010 How-To: Embroidery Designs- Tracing your Design

Welcome to part 5 of 8 of the EM-1010 How-To
Series, Embroidery Designs. Today we will learn how to check your embroidery
area and trace your design. Press the Trace Design icon, located in row
four, column three, represented by a frame within a frame. The machine will then display a message asking
you to “Enter embroidery status?” Press OK. The machine will then move to needle one and
complete the tracing of the design. Keep an eye on needle one to make sure the
design does not hit the hoop or frame. Once it finishes the embroidery outline, you
have the option to do a contoured tracing of your design. You may do this only after the previously
mentioned tracing is completed. Press the icon in row two, column two, represented
by a stitched heart. The machine will now begin a contoured trace
in slow motion. Thank you for watching Part 5: Tracing Your
Design. In Part 6 of our EM-1010 How-To Series: Embroidery
Designs, we will show you how to delete a design.