EM-1010 How-To: Embroidery Designs- Embroidery Status

Hello and welcome to our EM-1010 How-To Series:
Embroidery Designs. In this 8-part series, we will learn about
the embroidery status and how-to import a design, select a design from the machine’s
memory, select a preset hoop, check your embroidery area and trace your design, delete a design
and add fonts. Let’s begin with the embroidery status. The Embroidery Status icon is located in the
fourth row, in the first column and is represented by a lock and a needle. The lock will display either locked or unlocked. This is because your EM-1010 has two types
of statuses: Embroidery Mode and Setup Mode. To begin a new design, your machine must be
in Setup Mode. The Setup Mode icon will display an unlocked
lock, while the Embroidery Mode will display a locked lock. To change the status to Setup Mode, press
the Embroidery Status icon. Once pressed, a message stating “Remove
embroidery status” will be displayed. Press OK to confirm. Now your machine is ready for a new design! Thank you for watching Part 1: Embroidery
Status In Part 2 of our EM-1010 How-To Series: Embroidery
Designs, we will show you how to import a design into your machine.