Easy Neckline Embroidery Design -1 for beginners

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notifications from my channel let’s get started here I have already drawn you
shake neckline from the center of it here draw a circle this place is to fix
the mirror and all around the mirror we will do lazy Daisy stitch now Here I am
drawing a square shape motif of Koch work I have already shown this in so
many previous videos of mine this way one square motif and one mirror
has to be mean all around the neckline now take any square shape object and
draw a circle leaving two inches bottom now I’m dividing it in four equal parts drawing scalloped shape all around these
eight portions as shown in the video here mirror has to be stitched on the
edge again we will make square motive this way
eight motives have to be drawn all around the square motifs is a vehicle garbage the whole motive will look like this
let’s begin the embroidery work in this tutorial I will show you how to fill the
leaves and a square motive other stitches are self-explanatory and you
can also refer to my previous videos mirror fixing video has been already
published I will give the link in the description box here starting the square
motive I am using four strands of thread observe the thread movement see how to
turn the thread and where it has to pass Danita thread this is very simple and
easy more take very useful for beginners here I’m doing outline part and the next
step will be of killing if your outline is correct you can easily do the filling
as there will be difficulty in telling and the motive will become wrong so
watch carefully how to turn and how to move the thread now starting the filling
part I have tried my best to make it easy and simple so that if you are even
a beginner you can also try to do this one up and one down rule has to be
followed by filling if you like my videos please do share with your friends
and family it will be a great help to grow my channel the starting point and the end point of
this Android is the scene where you have started doing you have to finish at the
same point the motive will look like this now
quickly showing you the leaf part this embroidery is very similar to the
chicken curry the back side of the chicken car is the same as I am doing
here thread has to be moved in his exact
manner and whole leaf has to be filled this way it’s a cross crisscross or a
zigzag this stitch fills the object very quickly in comparison to satin stitch
and looks also very beautiful this way we have to fill all the leaves after completing the whole neckline
design will look like this I hope you will find this tutorial helpful thanks
for watching my video thank you