Easy Half Collar Neck Cutting and Stitching /हॉफ कॉलर बनाने का आसान तरीका

hi friends,welcome to RR FASHION POINT today i will share kurti neckline, half collar with piping. so,let’s start. please subscribe RR FASHION POINT and press bell icon for latest updates. first of all, i will double fold fizzing paper like this. in my measurement width is 3 inches so, i will marked on it and length is 7 inches we also marked on it. now we will ready a box of 3” / 7” here, we will marked on 3 inches for collar and give a shape for neckline like this. we will give 1 inch. seam allowance outside of shape and cut it. i will paste neckline on my shirt/kurti after pasting,we will cut this fabric as shown in the video. now, we will take an extra fabric and cover the backside fizzing paper. with a rough stitch. and cut an extra fabric like this. now, we will stitch a shoulder line. then,cut half inch.in backside of the shirt/kurti. fold the shirt/kurti like this and measure the collar. in my measurement collar is 6 inches. i have already marked for collar we measure like this. we marked on 6 inches and cut the collar. this collar cutting is like a chinese collar for which i will give link in description. collar cutting is over. i will paste the collar on fabric and give quarter inch.seam allowance for folding. now, keep an extra fabric and do rough stitch on upper side of collar. rough stitch has been done. and now,we will attach the collar with shirt/kurti. like this.as shown in the video. after attaching collar at one side. turn collar outside and give a stitch on edge of collar. collar has been completed. fold the shirt / kurti like this, as shown in the video. and give small round shape on the collar. like this,and cut it. after shape of neckline i will use red fabric for piping. start a piping from mid of a back side. attach the piping in whole shape of neckline. then,fold the piping inside and give a final touch. friends, this neckline is completed . i hope you may like my video so please hit like button and give your comments.thanks for watching this video.