EASY Double Pocket Crossbody Bag | Whitney Sews

Hi everyone! I’m Whitney and I post a new sewing video
here on my youTube channel every Wednesday! This week I’ll be showing how to make a double
zipper pocket crossbody bag inspired by the bag tutorial I shared two weeks ago. Before I get into the tutorial, if you haven’t
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any of my future videos. Here are all the materials and supplies you
will need to make the bag. I also decided to give this Pellon Shape Flex
a try to give the bag just a little extra structure without any of the bulk a foam or
fleece stabilizer would have. The exact measurements and details for everything
will be listed out in a post on my website WhitneySews.com. You can find the direct link in the description
box and right up here in the information icon. We’ll start with the tabs that will hold the
D rings in place. Fold them in half wrong sides together. Then turn the top edges to the inside. You want to make sure that your D ring fits
onto the tab. If not adjust the amount that is turned inward
until it does fit. Sew along each long edge for both tabs. Add the D rings then fold the tabs over and
sew the short ends together. A lot of the steps for this bag are similar
to the previous tutorial, so I’ll go over them just a bit quicker. If you haven’t seen that video then make sure
to check it out because it does show every step in better detail. It will be linked right up here in the information
icon. Lay one of your fabrics right sides down and
add the corresponding piece on top right sides up. Line up the edges and sew all the way around
to attach. Repeat for the second set of pieces. Lay one of your zippers right sides up and
one of the fabric pieces right sides down lining up the top edges. Sew along the zipper edge to attach then flip
the fabric over and topstitch. Bring up the other end and sew it onto the
zipper like the first. Do the same for your other zipper and fabric. Position your larger piece so there is enough
space at the top for your D ring tabs to fit above the zipper. Then lay your smaller pocket on top lining
up the bottom edge with the bottom of the larger bag. Clip the smaller bag to the top layer of the
larger and sew along the top and bottom edges to attach the two together. Put the D ring tabs at the top sticking them
in only about a quarter of an inch. Sew across the tabs to hold them into place. Unzip the zippers halfway then sew all the
way down both sides of the bag using about a quarter inch seam allowance. Flip the bag inside out through the larger
pocket. Now sew down both sides again to finish the
french seams. Be very careful to make sure the D rings are
out of the way of your presser foot and if your zippers have metal stoppers like mine
be very careful and hand turn the wheel of your sewing machine in that area to make sure
your needle doesn’t hit the metal and break. You can see here where I had to shift just
slightly over to avoid the metal stopper on the lower zipper. Turn the bag right sides out and it’s done! Just clip on the adjustable strap I showed
how to make last week and your bag is ready to use. This is such a fun bag perfect for your phone
and a few basics. Peyton has already fallen in love with the
Mickey print I used on this bag. It’s one of the fabrics I got from the South
Kingze website a few months back. I have plenty left, so it looks like I’ll
be using some to make a smaller version of the bag for Peyton. If you give this bag a try make sure to share
a pic on my facebook page or on instagram with the #WhitneySews
If you haven’t seen all the videos in this easy zipper bag series make sure to check
out the playlist linked right over here. It started with the unlined 5 minute zipper
bag, then a lined version, the double pocket and now the crossbody version. All easy and fun to make. Anyway, until next week, happy sewing!