DROP STITCH GARTER Knit Stitch Pattern

The Drop Stitch Garter Pattern. Hi, Guys, I’m Kristen and welcome to Studio
Knit. Dropping a stitch is usually considered something
bad, but we’re doing it on purpose to achieve this beautiful knit stitch pattern that is
great for Summer because it has this wonderful breathability here. It is reversible, it makes a beautiful scarf
and you can get really creative with fashions. If you think this Drop Stitch Garter pattern
is going to be a fun knit, go ahead, hit LIKE, it really helps me out. So, let’s get started. We begin by creating our beloved Slip Knot. And I am casting on using the Long Tail Cast
On method. You can do it however you’d like. And it’s great because we can cast on any
number of stitches. In my example here, I am casting on 30, but
you can cast on absolutely any number you chose. So, for rows 1, 2, 3, and 4, all we’re doing
is knitting every single stitch. And that’s why it’s called the Drop Stitch
GARTER pattern, because in between those dropped stitches, all we’re doing is knitting up that
garter knit stitch pattern that you’re all familiar with. Finishing row 1, after knitting every single
stitch on your needle, you are going to be repeating that until you have four rows of
knit stitch in the garter pattern. Okay, here’s where the fun begins. Row 5. You’ll see in the pattern it’s knitting one. And then after knitting just one stitch, we’re
going to be doing a yarn over, that’s what YO means, 2 times. So, yarn over, we bring it to the front in
between our two needles, that’s yarn over one. And we do it one more time into the front,
that’s yarn over two. We’re going to do this another time, so you’ll
definitely catch on. Again, in between the astericks, we are going
to knit one and then we bring it around and we have done knit one and then these next
two stitches that we completed, those are the two yarn overs and then we knit it one
more time. And continue with the yarn over two times. So, you bring your yarn to the front. That’s yarn over one. Bring it around to the front again. That is yarn over two. Now, we’re just holding our yarn as we go
ahead and we knit as we normally would and the yarn naturally comes around to the back,
because we’re knitting. And we just knit through that stitch. Let’s get back in focus here. Okay, and again, it is the knit one, and then
the next two stitches are the yarn overs, our knit one, those two yarn overs, and knit
one. And we just repeat this all the way down row
5 until the very last stitch after your two yarn overs it is simply knitting one, you’ll
see that in the pattern. Now we have about three times as many stitches
on our needle because of all of those extra yarn overs that we did. And we’re going to get rid of them in row
6, our last row. And now we’re ready to get dropping! So, row 6, it is knit one, and then we are
dropping two. So those yarn overs, those two yarn overs,
we are just flicking them, dropping them off of our needle. One and two. And you’ll see that the yarn is long and it
is in the front. It naturally will just fall to the front for
you. And then knit that knit stitch again. We are always knitting the knit stitch that
we knit in row five. So, drop drop, and here is how those dropped
stitches are looking. And we just continue this pattern all the
way down row six, drop drop, and we finish with that last knit stitch right there. Here is how our dropped stitches are looking
and now we just repeat rows 1 through 6 until we reach the lenth we desire. I hope you are inspired to give this drop
stiitch garter pattern a try. It’s really fun once you get the hang of those
six rows. And make sure to check out all of my knit
stitch patterns, I have links in the desscription below. I also have a really great summer knit stitch
series going on, so make sure to check those out, as well. I’ll see you next time. Bye!