Driver Development Tutorials: Preparing Your Installation and Distribution Pacakage

Today we’re going to learn how to prepare your
distribution package for distribution of your driver. So let’s begin Our previous tutorials demonstrate how to generate code using our WinDriver wizard, so I’ll quickly run through the steps. Choosing your device, generating your .inf file. Then generating your code. Please note that you’ll
want to give your project a distinct name to make it easier on locating it later. As you can see I have pre-saved our project as demo_project. In order to find your project within the WinDriver
folder, press on wizard, my projects, and then the installation folder of the relevant
project. The redist folder will have all the files relevant for you distribution package.
For an explanation on these files, please see section 14.2 of our manual. Please note that if you have changed the name
of your project as we have in this demonstration, the names of you files will change accordingly.
For example, instead of windriver 1200, our .sys file will be called demo_project. , Now that we have all the relevant files we’re ready to prepare our distribution package. For the purposes of this demonstration I have pre-prepared a distribution package. You’ll notice two new files here. The first is the .exe which is generated after you’ve compiled your code. The second is the .cat file which shows that we have digitally signed our driver. As of windows 7, Microsoft has started enforcing the existence of digital signatures on all
drivers which makes it imperative that you have you driver digitally signed both for user experience and functionality of you driver. Once all you files are in place according
to our manual, then you are ready to test your distribution package. Note that you’llwant to test it on a clean PC with no WinDriver remnants to avoid possible clashes upon installation. You’ll notice your distribution package included your .cat files, .sys file, and both
.inf files. For the purposes of this demonstration we have included some additional utilities
such a wdreg which will assist us with installation. Now in order to verify that your distribution
package is working properly, you’ll need to open one of your .inf files. Here you’ll need to verify that your .cat
file and you .sys file match those found in your distribution package. Here you can find
the .cat files, which indeed does match that in the distribution package as you can see. A few lines bellow, you’ll find your sys file which as you can see also matches that
found in you distribution package. Once you have verified that your file names in your .inf file match your file names in your distribution package then you’re ready for installation with your chosen utility. It is worth mentioning that incase of a mismatch between the file names, manually changing the names will break the digital signature of the .cat file. So once you have verified that the file names in your .inf file match those in your distribution package, you are ready for installation with you chosen utility. Thank you for watching, this concludes our
tutorial on how to prepare you distribution package. For more information, please see
the links below, or visit our website