Drive-through Challenge: Printful + Inktale

Hey everybody its Wes with Printful and
I’m here with Kirsten from our design services team. Today we have a little
challenge for ourselves. We’re going to see what is faster – going through a
drive-through or setting up our Inktale and Printful integration. So come follow
us for this challenge! Okay so here are the rules
I’m going to start setting up my Inktale store and my Printful account at
the same exact time that we pull into the draive-through line.
So to be fair I’m not even going to touch my phone or get anything set up
until we hit the line and then we’ll go from there and see how it works.
I haven’t even registered for an Inktale account so I’ll be doing that from
scratch. As an additional challenge to myself I’m going to be doing this all from my smartphone So Kirsten emailed me the designs so I have them there, I’ve saved them to my photo library and that’s what I’m going to be using I’m
not going to use my laptop or anything Alright guys, we’re here at California’s
favorite burger joint and as you can see we’re in the drive-thru line right now
so it’s stopped so I’m now pulling out my phone and I’m
going to get to work alright, so here we are, the Inktale website sign in don’t have an account, signup Sweet, so I just created my Inktale account alright and now I’m actually going to
log into Printful so I can connect the two for the record we have inched. We have
barely moved in this line Now if youdon’t know that Inktale is – Inktalel is a new
ecommerce platform that’s shown up on the scene, that is doing an integration
with Printful. They handle the customer service for you, it’s very simplified –
you just to upload your designs, pick the types of products that you want to sell,
and then they take care of the rest. You don’t have to worry about like which
brand shirt you want to use they pick whichever the popular brands are with
Printful so it’s a very scaled down, very easy to use, user friendly site. We’re going a little faster, Wes! All
right feeling the pressure! I’m logged into my printful account so
I’m going to connect the stores now. Just click link to an existing account. Here
it is asking me to authorize it Boom! can you read that? inktale connected
successfully. We’re not even to the order portion of the drive-through there we go All right so I’m going to click “Add
products”, It’s telling me about it. Got it. And I’m going to upload the files
that Kirstin made All right I’m getting a little nervous it’s going well, it’s
uploading now, but we’re getting closer to the orders sign. There’s a person taking
orders actually. oh! They’re trying to make this lunchtime rush go faster. It’s a big file I sent you. yeah and I’m trying to upload two of them. all right perfect, so my designs are uploaded I’m selecting that these two, I’m within
Printful now, and I selected the two designs that Kirsten made and proceeded
to artwork names. so this one I’m going to yep
“floral design” and inputting keywords so Inktale is also a marketplace so anyone in
the world can go to Inktale and search “floral shirt” or floral tote or
anything like that and they have a chance to find your design so it’s a
great way to get traffic to your site that other people might not know about. And then I’m going to go ahead and name
the other one and proceed to products so now within Printful it lest me select all
the different products that Inktale has so I’m actually going to select all these
phone case, tote pillow, mug, poster, sweatshirt, all over
tank, and proceed the pricing and this is where you can actually adjust the
pricing yourself so it’s telling you how much Printful is going to charge you or
the Inktale price and Printful how much it’s going to cost to get it made. This
is the retail price and then what your profits going to be. And you’re in total
control of your profits so whatever you want your profit to be you can just
adjust that here. It’s automatically filled in with the suggested retail
price so I’m just going to leave that there because we’ll take it.
so publish to Inktale. and right now it’s just as you can see
spinning so it’s creating and pushing those products over there to inktale. all right so I just switched back over
to Inktale. I’m going to refresh it to kind of check on the progress, see how
things are going. look guys – two uploaded designs already shown up in Inktale and right here it’s showing the California badge which is the one that
Kirsten made and if I click on it there it is on all those products the wall art,
the cell phone, the sweatshirt, tote, pillow, and mug. Anybody can go out there and buy
these now and we’re not even to where we have to pay for the food which by the
way I hope out of my wallet. Cool, look, right here! What did I click on?
Choose the style, the poster, there we go Add to Cart and I can check out inktale
takes care of the shipping and all that good stuff for you so you don’t have to
worry about having to figure out how to charge people for shipping because it’s
already built in where they can do that nice! yeah!
so high five! People can buy my stuff now people can buy Kirsten’s stuff online
right now and we haven’t even had lunch yet. I don’t know how long did that take
like twelve minutes? maybe, something like that. Pretty sick! All right, that’s a wrap, guys! I finished before we even paid for our food, let alone pick it up.
so – Inktale plus Printful can’t go wrong.