Drift Stitching 101: How To Repair Your Bumper

Hello and welcome back to speed freak garage home of power sports on YouTube today We’ll be working on our 2013 Scion fr-s Here with our master fabricator Brandon. He’s a great body man, so he’s gonna be working on the car today Basically, I was driving down a back country road. You know as usual and I hit a chicken a large bird very large bird Chicken or hawk doing about 85 so it hit here Spider web this in the shockwave came back and shattered the bumper in the back So Brandon is very good at drift stitching. Oh yeah. Oh yeah, he’s gonna He’s gonna do the work today, and then I will trade him won’t your dinner so basically a sweatshop? Yeah, I’m fucking with your child labor. We’re gonna go get lunch Alright, so basically for this you’re gonna need a drill a drill bit of the correct size depending on the zip ties you use so In this case we’re using mini zip ties so you have a one-day yeah yeah, um basically what you can do is you take a drill bit or your bit set and you can kind of compare up and You want just a little bit wider than the actual zip tie itself So you can see there that should work Always start small because you can’t really go go smaller once you drill a hole yes That’s right So basically what we’re gonna Do is we’re going to drill on either side on both sides of? the crack itself in order to pull it together and Prevent further cracking because as he stated it is started like right here And it’s already spread like an inch and a half on each side Yeah was in the middle of a business trip? So I drove another thousand miles and the crack got 2 or 3 or 4 inches wider so yeah One thing you can use 2 is A a tape measure just in case you are really OCD or just inches like me yeah. I’m just it just like perfect Otherwise you can just kind of wing it just go for it so in this case we talked about this the other night We’re gonna have a stitch at one corner and the other corner, and then we’re gonna avoid where it’s too close to the edge Gonna have a stitch here here and here I think is OA we I believe so just it like the critical points where it looks like it could form another crack and That should be enough to hold it together until next jewel and I can get a new vault bridge yeah So in also he wanted to cross them which we’ll go over Once we start actually putting the zip ties in But for now, I’m going to go ahead and start drilling the holes and the bumper and then we’ll go from there So you want to make sure that you’re not you’re not too too far away, but you also not too close And watch out for the radiator down there yeah You can see how easily the bumper is separating so you can imagine with a hundred miles an hour of wind force It’s not yeah together. I mean you can put them in 70 miles an hour because that’s the speed love it. Yeah Had to edit that out yeah, all right now believe you wanted one out there yeah Are you doing this before nope never no I haven’t I’ve such a few things together None of the cracks have actually been caused I Wish I could say this was caused by drifting and be away better story that chicken Alright so basically now we have our holes drilled that we’re gonna put a zip ties in I’ve drilled them in sets of two on each side because we’re actually gonna come from one hole across another hole across that kind of Is for aesthetics that? Are just going to help hold this crack together, but you could also just stitch it straight across if you’d like Most people go overkill, and they like put more than just the two stitches across. It’s really not necessary, so don’t eat it run over here Grab our stack of zip ties so I mentioned the brain and earlier that these are pretty cheap zip ties unfortunately So yeah, you want to flex each one to make sure it does snap right I? Mean even the good brains atashi. Oh yeah, sometimes. They’re just junk zip ties are junk So now we’re going to see if it’ll actually fit in the hole Come on there we go yeah, so that’s like perfect size you don’t have excessive amount of hole Okay so yeah You don’t have an excessive amount you want it kind of tight so Now what we’ll do always wanted tight We’re gonna come from the backside in order to keep this big bulky like the retainer on the backside, so you don’t see it So then all as you see is just a flat zip tie portion so if you have an asian frame This is a good chance to bring them over cuz yeah, I can’t get my hands up their Brain is just boss like that. That’s right I’m gonna find it For me a tricky process she’s like freshman year stuff man find the hole Just booked them yes freshman year stuff Maybe I mean if we can’t do it from the backside. That’s fine. Cuz I mean it’s not forever bumper so I Will not give them okay, I’m going to find a way Sometimes, this is probably the trickiest part of all if I need to again both this folder up here I think you could probably get your hand underneath Yeah, we might try that too Yeah, this is the trickiest part like I said before It’s actually 32 suppressor, I mean obviously you can take the bumper off the car to fix it That’s a great idea, but this bumper is a pain to do that And I just saw it You know it comes out the other holes Sometimes also if you take your zip tie you can actually form them a little bit, so they can actually bend it. Yeah, yeah And hook into it so Just one of those things where you just gotta try and then try some more Very close Come on now you saw it really Okay you want Ronda, so yeah, actually what we’re gonna Do is we’re and try to unbolt this top plate order to gain further access to the backside okay? Now you put that on camera though because I got a got a hold tools not cameras So we’re back now, we’ve actually taken this top portion off that actually holds the bumper kind of down. It’s extremely dirty under here So now we can actually kind of pull this up And then try to feed our zip tie from the back On up so important thing to note is if your cracks closer to your headlight. There’s a hook here That’s embedded in the headlight And so you’re pretty much screwed if you gotta get any room here cuz it ain’t gonna Go nowhere unless the whole bumper comes off but up front here. We got much more room to work Okay, so now. I’m just working on Hooking these up die there we go Now I can pull the zip tie through and as I had stated. We’re actually gonna go across, so we’ll put it back down here And then Might come from the other side to do this try not to block the camera. No. I don’t worry about the camera Okay So I almost got it Through And then you hear that familiar sound everyone’s use the zip ties heard You haven’t used a zip tie before you shouldn’t be doing this yeah, yeah And you want to kind of pull it tight and we can always go through and pull them tighter what we will grab I’m guessing not so tight that you collapse the yeah Yeah, you want to keep it There’s there’s definitely a point. Where well he’s probably break before it ever gets to that point but Yeah, you don’t want to go too wild Here we go Then you can also if you want trim off the excess zip tie when you’re done But in this case we’re probably not going to just because it would be pretty hard to get some Clippers back there Yeah, James like it’s a little long so So now we got that one kind of set up and as you see like said we went across Awesome so that will keep the crack from propagating mm-hmm, and then we’ll move on to the next one Okay, so we’re gonna come back when we go to do the last cross cuz it’s you know all the same I guess so yeah, it’s it’s pretty straightforward. We will come back in maybe 10-15 minutes, yep. See you then Okay, so we’re back with only one left to do one left really didn’t take that long So on all that sorry it took about as long as it did to get both front wheels off on All of these we went through and used a pair of needle nose pliers Actually kind of tied them up talking about I’ll show you how to do it on this one because we do have more Room and I kind of show you with hammer a little bit better So now we will go fishing I Have to use a lot on this once it’s kind of far back oh There we go So what Brandon’s working you guys can see why we’re not using the GoPro on the head technique for this because there really I Mean there isn’t any room for For me to stick my head down that hand side him have to have them grafted a Lot of this is done by feel too and having smaller hands definitely helps you out in this aspect Okay We’re gonna have the negative see the spiderwebs from this idea. Yeah, it’s bad. I was looking at it She will say it’s alright James. It’s fine. You’re fine. We’re out of here Dude, when I saw when I stopped for gas like you know a couple hundred miles later. I was like oh my god I’m gonna have a heart attack cries. Yeah, this is not good. Yeah I’m the bigger better things though now right yeah Yeah, this will be a daily, and then we’ll have a nice racing rally car someday one of these days huh I Mean look at my daily three days after I got painted I hit a coon Okay now we’ll grab our paint our needle nose, and we can kind of get a hold of the zip tie there So you can see from this angle he’s getting it tight but not so tight that it collapses the bumper right so now I’ve got them kind of all tightened and kind of where they need to be So at this point you could either a cut the cut the excess off because you do have little tabs hanging But it’s all hidden underneath the bumper So I don’t think we’re gonna mess with it and do mess with ya cuz last thing we want us to cut something that Yeah, yeah, or B. Just leave it so that actually doesn’t look too bad I think we were gonna originally gonna go thread and then you know a lot of people Know or I kind of forgot that red fades really fast to the Sun in the hoods black So I think it’ll look good, so we’re gonna reattach our little top bar here And then we’ll come back and show you what it looks like when it’s finished And There you have it we have our drift stitches done and finished, and I think this video is only about 15 minutes Maybe so Brandon the master fabricator You might even be painting this bumper a new bumper next year sometime We’re gonna actually bring our body line down where it belongs and bring this body line up along the hood so Might get some help on that and Again, I mean these look actually look pretty good. You know they’re really evenly done You can see that the cracks been pulled tight so it ain’t gonna spread it will not spread anymore And do you have any closing comments brave? No other than this is first battle scar well. Actually the second one fix that one Yeah, that’s right Yeah, if you guys remember we had a big giant dent in there and had to fix that so so yeah See you guys next time Nothing can break me no no nothing can break In this town Marj nothing