Double Slice Layer Cake Quilt Along Video 10

hi thanks for joining me this is angie
at chic n scratch and this is the tenth and final video for the double slice
layer cake quilt along I’ve sewed all the rows together and the quilt top is
finished now we have a couple other things that we need to do so I’m going
to open this up and what you want to do next is you want to trim all these extra
threads because when you take it to the long arm quilter it’s just best to go
ahead and have all those extra threads removed while I’m also trimming the
extra threads I want to check for holes so I’m going to come up here to this
very first section let’s see where’s the top of my quilt I think I have it upside
down let’s see here’s the top of it I usually keep a pen in upper right left
corner that always tells me where my left my top left of the quilt is so what
I’m going to do you can either turn it over to the other side or you can just
look so I will tell you that probably 50% of the time I will end up finding a
hole where I’ve missed the seam and if I do that I just take it back to the
sewing machine and sew it fix it it’s not that difficult but you do want to
make sure that you find that before you take it to the longer arm culture
because I did have that happen once several years ago so I try to not ever
make that mistake again so again I’m just checking for all these little extra
threads and snipping them and I’ll stop doing that now and then we’ll cover the
next step so once you snip all your threads you want to measure it to figure
out how much backing and binding fabric you need so I’ve got my tape measure
here and I’m going to start at the upper left corner and place it right there at
the edge okay so it looks like this measures
about 54 inches so I’m going to write down 54 that’s the width and now we’re
going to measure the length so I’m just going to start on this end piece here go
all the way down almost to the end okay and it looks like it’s about 63 20 63
and 64 where I’m just going to say 63 okay so now what I’m going to do is get
out my iPhone and there is this wonderful app let me see let me see if I
can open it really quick it is called Robert Kaufman phablet the quilters
little helper you have to skip this ad and then what
you want to do is you want to click on backing and batting now my long arm
culture provides the batting so I don’t have to do the measurements for that
because she does provide that but I’m still going to click on that because we
do need the backing measurements so then the width of fabric if you purchase it
from the store it’s 43 inches there are larger pieces of fabric but most often I
always buy the 43 inches you’ll know if you’ve bought the bigger so the width
going back to my measurements here it was 54 the length is 63 and then I’m
going to put the overage at 2 inches and then press calculate that tells me that
I need 3 and 3/4 yards of fabric for my backing so I’m going to write 3 and 3/4
for backing now I believe when we started the cut along I think I may have
said 4 yard three and three-quarters
versus four it’s that’s very close that’s a quarter of a yard difference
and it really depends on your seam so some saw machines have a wider quarter
inch seam and some have a larger and I have multiple machines and I can tell
you they are all different okay so now we’re going to go to the binding and
that’s down here we’re going to put in the same measurements now your binding
strips depend on your long arm quilter just ask the person you’re gonna that’s
going to be doing your quilt for you not everyone does the binding my long-run
quilter does thank goodness and she does a very thin binding so my width of the
binding is going to be two inches because again she does a very very small
binding strip so we’re going to enter in the width which is 54 by 63 and she does
do the bias binding so I’m going to click on bias and then click calculate
and it says here that we need 1/3 of a yard for the binding now let me go back
and see what the measurements are if we just did regular let’s see calculate
it’s still 1/3 of a yard so so when you go to the store you want to buy 3 and
3/4 fabric for the backing and 1/3 of a yard for your binding and preferably you
want to make those two different patterns but that they coordinate so I
went ahead and showed you guys my backing and binding fabric before we
even started so that’s on there so I guess oh one more thing you have to do
before you take it to the long arm culture you want to make sure that you
press it so once I’m done fiddling with it because right now while I’m snipping
the threads steel it’s going to continue to get wrinkled so the final step before
I take it to my long arm quilter is I will press it really good with starch
and then I will also print a label to put on to put on my
quilt so it says Angie Kennedy Judah and
chicken scratch okay so this wraps up the double slice layer cake quilt along
thank you guys so much if you want to participate in the next quarter long
join our Facebook group it’s chicken scratch quilt along and it is a group
okay have a great day thanks a lot bye