Dollar Tree Craft Supplies Haul + Review | SEWING REPORT

one of you suggested I go over what
craft supplies I like to get at Dollar Tree so Michelle here it is welcome to the Sewing Report I’m
Jennifer Moore helping you discover your love of sewing crafts and DIY projects
and today we are talking Dollar Tree one of my favorite new discount stores to
hit up there is so much stuff there it’s a little bit overwhelming and I found
quite a few things that are good for the craft room so I want to share them with
you I’ve got a few bags lots of stuff as you know I’ve been building a dollhouse
I also found some other items that I think just would be good for your
general crafting needs compared to the hardware store you can get some great
deals on comparable items paint brushes this paint set which I’ve seen at Home
Depot for like four or five dollars a dollar at Dollar Tree and this comes
with like a brush roller gloves tray so this is an amazing deal and they usually
have these at most of the locations I’ve also hit up several different stores and
I’ve noticed the selection can vary from store to store so there are some things
I’ve had to go out of the way for and I’ll go into that they’ve got these
tacks of foam brushes these are great although they have both of wooden and
plastic handle varieties I personally prefer the handles that are wood but I
don’t know it’s there they’re just easier to use and I find they’re better
for whatever reason I got this ruler at Dollar Tree clamps a really big pack of
sandpaper this has like thirty six pieces of sandpaper I haven’t even tried
to use it yet I got a tax literally a hacksaw at Dollar Tree toothpicks which
may be good for miniature projects and I’ve also been using them to apply glue
on the dollhouse so getting a dollar I got these like needlenose pliers which I
think will be great for working with like wires which I definitely plan to do
because I got another one of those mini a DIY dollhouse kits and the other thing
that I really love about Dollar Tree although this is one item I haven’t seen
around lately a while back I got these sanding blocks sanding sponges
from Dollar Tree one side is medium grit the other side is fine grit I like them
this one I got from Home Depot and while it does have a beveled edge this was
like 350 or 4 dollars and this one was a dollar the only bummer about this
sanding sponge is that I’ve been to at least two locations in the past week and
neither of them had the sanding sponge I really hope this item isn’t going away
because I think this is one of the better bargains I found at Dollar Tree
if you’ve seen these recently at a Dollar Tree let me know and let me know
the approximate location help out your fellow Dollar Tree attics here but this
is one of the I think best bargains in the hardware section because again
sanding blocks I didn’t realize how expensive they were I’ve seen these for
up to five dollars each other places this one’s more on the crafty side but I
got these glass beads it’s they’re really good assortment two for a dollar
each from the craft section I can think of many uses for the beads and of course
I’ve gotten some wood stuff from Dollar Tree these crap popsicle sticks
basically great for little crafts or maybe for my dull housing addiction
dollhouse furniture which is one of the things that the miniature enthusiasts
seem to be all about is the Dollar Tree selection there they have beds tables
these nightstands chests lots of different things so I’ve managed to pick
up quite a few of these dollhouse furniture pieces for a dollar each and I
plan to paint them that will be a future video also when the craft section was
this wood birdhouse kit I actually didn’t buy it for the birdhouse I bought
it just for the wood just because I’ve been trying to play around with Mickey
miniature DIY furniture so I thought this would just speak some fun you know
raw materials for me to try and I found these wooden dowels there one time as
well so I got some of those so again I do plan on trying to make some DIY
miniature furniture type stuff so this will be great for that if it’s not
obvious already on becoming a little bit addicted to Dollar Tree anyways in the
comments let me know what your favorite items from Dollar Tree are one thing I’m
gonna be on the lookout for I’m going to be trying to find
cheap like vinyl tablecloths I’ve heard those are good for spreading down a near
surface when you’re maybe like painting furniture pieces or working with your
dollas I’ve been putting paper over my work surface but a cheap tablecloth
would work really well and I could keep reusing it so that’s another item that’s
on my list to find hope you enjoyed this video if you did hit that like button
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