Do Glass Pipes, Incense Prove Teens Are Practicing Shamanism?

I’m Gregory Dawson, filling in for Clifford
Baynes, who’s being hanged for high treason. A new poll for the Shuttleworth Institute
finds an increasing number of parents are reporting an appearence of esoteric
posters, incense, and glass pipes among their teen-agers possesions. How can we keep our teens from turning to
Shamanism? -Look, parents need to be able to recongize
Shamanic behavior, in order to prevent it…
-Yes. If you walk into your teens’ room and you
see him sitting there in a cloud of smoke, his eyes all bloodshot, then you know that
he is in a Shamans Trance. -That’s true. -The report listed classic warning signs,
that a teen maybe, slipping into Shamanism. Including playing loud droning music to r
cover the sound of their chants. Fuming the room with incense to clear
stagnating energies. And wearing “charmed” pendants, like we’re
seeing here. -Right. And it’s pretty easy to tell who the
Shamans are. They wear tie-dye T-shirts, they have long
hair, and they have a pecilur, musty scent.
-Right. -Oh, if it smells like a Shaman, then it is
a Shaman. -Exactly.
-That’s right. -You have to confront it. Otherwise you’re
going to get a call from the principle, saying that your child has not been in
school for 3 days, and you’re going to have to face it, he’s
been spirit walking. -That’s dreadfull.
-You know wandering the lonely places of the earth. -Now, Duncan, in your new
book, “Communication – The Best Spell” you talk about how you caught your own 14
year old son, seething, at a Shamanic Soul Grip. -Yes, yes, I walked into his room and he was
playing an MF Doom record, over an episode of Wheel Of Fortune. And he
was saying that they were syncing up perfectly.
And I thought to myself, well these are the delusions of a Shaman.
And then I went back into his room and I found this. A glass Wand.
-Ew, it smells terrible. -How did you deal with it Duncan? -Well, I tried to relate to him. I asked
him, why do you think you need this wand? Couldn’t you conjure up some passing grades
instead? -I would have grabbed him by the ear and
told him “don’t bother to explain- young man. You were practicing Satan Room
Shamanism. -That stuff is bad news.
-And I’m taking away your “moon-phase” ornaments, and turning you over to the
“dream-eaters”. -Look, I know personally that that kind of
harsh punishment does not work. -It’s true.
-I took away my sons Charlie, Cello-night Mooncrystals, but then he
started doing his rituals, with a toilet paper tube and a little bit of
tin-foil. So I sent him to military school.
-Good for you. -But there he became possesed by the
Trickster God, Coyote. Who makes boys, wanna kiss other boys.
-Oh Coyote is very swift. Nancy, I know you have been strongly
Anti-Shaman, since the sixties.
-Oh yes. That’s when alot of my friends thought of
going into Shamanism. I’d go to parties and they would all be
sitting up there in a trance. Oh. -Well that is exactly how Shamans used to