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hi everyone I’m Whitney and every
Wednesday I post a new sewing related video here on my youtube channel Whitney Sews in my recent video about the DIY items that we use every day in our lives
you all requested a follow-up video about the items that we use either
weekly or monthly so that is what this video is all about today the DIYs that I
have done tutorials on that we still use every single week or month here in our
household every single DIY I mentioned has at least one tutorial that
corresponds with it and they will all be linked together in a playlist down below
in the description box if you haven’t watched the DIYs we use daily video
already you definitely should check it out because there are a lot of great DIY
tutorials that have already been mentioned in that video that I won’t be
covering in this video so first up on this list are definitely tote bags I
have a lot of different tote bags that I’ve made in a lot of different sizes
and a few particular uses that we have for them are for library trips we take
at least one tote back with us to bring home library books in and then the
kiddos also have smaller tote bags of their own that they take to church every
week so that they can have the items that they need to take to Sunday school
with them in Skyler’s case it is a spare diaper and a water cup in Peyton’s case
it is a water cup and some gluten-free snacks and speaking of bags I use my
double pocket lined a zipper bag all the time I keep it near my computer area and
I have some of my smaller camera cables as well as my external hard drive in it
so all those items are together and safe whenever I need to use them the next DIY
is one for my sewing room and it is the portable ironing table that I showed how
to make I use it for almost every single sewing project that I do either to press
the seams or to iron-on fusible interfacing and even Jeremiah uses it
sometimes whenever he needs to iron his gis for Tae kwon do
next up is my cast iron skillet handle cover I love to cook and I’m getting
more and more into using cast iron and so I keep the handle cover right on the
skillet so anytime I use it is already there and I don’t even
have to think about it and I don’t burn my hand on the hot handle the next DIY
is actually a wearable one and it is my newsboy hats I wear a newsboy hat just
about every single week I love wearing them I used to wear baseball caps but I
kind of got out of that and now instead of baseball caps I like to wear newsboy
hats they are cuter they’re comfy and I just really love wearing them another
wearable item are the plaid tier two skirts that I made for myself and for
Peyton we wear them about once a month and they are just so cute we sometimes
we wear them on the same day so that we can be all matchy-matchy and it’s just
so fun and cute the last two things on my list are sort of related
the first one is cloth feminine-hygiene pads I use them every single month and I
just prefer them so much more than the disposable options and the last thing is
wet bags I use wet bags for my kids cloth diapers and for cloth pads for me
I have three small wet bags and one large wet bag the smaller ones are
perfect for being on the go if I need to throw something in the diaper bag while
it’s still wet even swimsuits now that it’s coming up on summer in swimsuit
season I’ll be using them even more for things like swimsuits but wet bags are
just so handy when you have little kids accidents happen
swimsuits happen just all that stuff they are so so handy and get used all
the time I feel like there are even more DIYs that we’ll use on a regular basis
but since I’m just so used to seeing them that it didn’t even dawn on me to
add them to the list so that is it for today and make sure to click my picture
to subscribe right down there if you haven’t already and come back next
Wednesday for another new video until then happy sewing