DIY Tutorial – How to Crochet Oval Rag Rug Floor Carpet from Fabric Sheets

Hi I’m Donna Wolfe from Today
I’m going to show you how to crochet an oval rug from fabric. This is a great recycling
or upcycling project. You will need a Q size hook, and I’d like to thank my good friend
Stacy at Stitchin Stacy’s Crochet for this beautiful hand-crafted crochet hook. Four
large hair or binder clips work nice as stitch markers. And you will need approximately 18
total yards of 45-inch wide fabric. In my sample rug, I used 2 yards of red cotton fabric,
2 yards of orange, and so on. Be sure to check out the written pattern at my website
Here is one way to cut the fabric. Cut about a one-and-a-half to two-inch section of fabric.
But don’t cut to the end. Instead, pivot your fabric, and then cut another section the same
width. Don’t worry that the corners are kind of square looking. When you crochet they will
bunch up into the stitches and you will hardly notice them. Keep cutting your fabric using
this method and it will look something like this. Now a quicker way to do this is fold
your fabric in half first, and then fold it a little ways down from the top. Cut your
strips like this. And then open everything up. Your center is cut, and all you need to
do is cut the ends using a very similar method as before. To understand how this pattern
works, it helps to see how an oval is actually 2 semicircles at the end, with just a rectangle
in the middle. In the green section, we will always do just 1 double crochet stitch in
each stitch. However, on the two ends, we will do our increases, just as we would for
normal double crochet circles. To begin, make a slipknot. This pattern is a more advanced
pattern, so please review my beginner crochet videos if you need help. Chain 30. Mark the
next to the last stitches. The last ending chains are where we will crochet our semi-circles.
Chain 3 and make 5 double crochet stitches in the 4th chain from the hook. In between
both stitch markers, and including both stitch markers, make 1 double crochet stitch. Leave
that last chain alone for now. Be sure to put your stitch marker back, because this
tells us where our plain rectangle starts. Once you complete this part of the rectangle,
it is time to work on that semi-circle on this new end. Make 6 double crochet stitches
in that last chain. Like before, working on the other side of the chain, make 1 double
crochet stitch in each stitch marker, and 1 double crochet in all the stitches in between.
Slip stitch with the new yarn color at the end of this round. In between the stitch markers,
is our semi-circle that we will do our normal circle increases in. To begin, chain 3. And
make 1 double crochet stitch in the same space. Now make 2 double crochet stitches in each
of the 5 remaining stitches. Take note of how I’m holding the yarn in my left hand – I
find with thick fabric it’s easier to put it over my thumb instead of my first finger.
At the end, you will have a total of 12 double crochet stitches in between the stitch markers.
Now it’s time to work on the straight rectangle part. Do 1 double crochet stitch in the marker
stitches as well as the stitches in between. On this end, we need to do another increase.
Do 2 double crochets in each of the 6 stitches. I have 12 on this end as well. Now finish
the other side with 1 double crochet stitch. Slip stitch your new color onto the rug and
mark the end of the rectangle. Now we’re going to do the pattern of 2, 1, 2, 1. Remember
to count the initial chain 3 as a double crochet stitch. Do 1 double crochet across. And then
on this other circle end, repeat the 2, 1, 2, 1 pattern. And then on the other side,
do 1 double crochet stitch again. For those of you familiar with making circles, this
oval rug follows the same pattern for the next several rounds. And you can continue
on for as many rounds as you wish to make the rug larger or smaller than my sample.
Do remember the written instructions are on my website, If you find that
you need to connect another piece of fabric yarn, a knot should be just fine, as it will
be hidden in the back. And at the end of this rug, I just knot the ends of the same colors
together in the back. Then I take a smaller crochet hook and weave in the ends once or
twice. And here is the finished rug. To view this video in other languages, click on the
closed caption link on YouTube and turn on subtitles. From there you can choose from
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