DIY Top Knot Headband NO SEW – DIY Hard Headband Design Tutorial

I wanna make another hard headband tutorial without using a sewing machine Stay tuned! If you love anything about hairband designs, consider subscribing Hi, welcome to Anjurisa channel This knotted headband is very popular these days I feel like seeing it everywhere, literally Anyway, I had a hard time making this headband, because I’m actually a person who prefers sewing But, because not everyone has a sewing machine, I will make this DIY hard headband tutorial without sewing So without further ado, let’s go ahead and get started! I use pleated fabric for this hard headband This fabric is very beautiful, well it’s pleated as you can see In my lovely country, Indonesia, this fabric is called “plisket” I can’t find the name in English, but this is called “pleated fabric” I’ve said this before that you can easily find this at fabric stores Just show them the texture of the fabric, and I’m sure they’ll know one Without stretching the fabric, the width is about 6 inches or 15 cm The length of fabric is about 26 inches or 65 cm I’ll close the raw edges of the fabric If you want to use sewing machine, you can fold the fabric in half, then sew this part, and turn the fabric inside out Because this is a ‘no sew baby headband tutorial’, I’ll use hot glue gun So, add some glue along the fabric Then, fold the fabric Turn the fabric inside out This is the back side, and this is the front side Tie a loose knot, with the front sides or back sides facing the same direction Slide this hard headband through the knot I’ll begin to glue the hard headband So, add a dab of glue here Just like this Cut the excess fabric I’ll fold the fabric like this, and we’ll cover this later Prepare a grosgrain ribbon, I use an inch wide ribbon We’ll need about 6 inches or 15 cm Then, cut the ribbon and seal the ribbon Use this ribbon to cover the hard headbands Our hard headbands DIY is finished! Thanks for watching this video If you enjoy this DIY hard headband tutorial, please like and share this video If you hate this video, just hit the dislike button, it’s fine Any questions? Write in the comment below Please support this channel by subscribing and ring the bell~