DIY Quilters Template Plastic

Welcome to Tuesday’s Tips from SewVeryEasy,
my name is Laura. And I love to use these sheets of template plastic when I’m quilting. I’ll use them to cut out shapes for appliqué. I like to cut out shapes and trace them as I’m going to be quilting and then I can quilt around those shapes. I’ll use them to cut out shapes and I tape them on rulers to keep those measurements exactly the measurements that I want. I find that I use them a lot but I have found something that you’re going to be able to use in a pinch if you don’t have one. And you might already have them in your house. Now you can get the template plastic in clear, and a lot of times opaque. The other thing that’s great about the template plastic that you buy for quilting: It is heatproof. So you can iron some fabric over the edges and the iron’s not going to melt that plastic. But if you’re in a pinch you might have in your kitchen some of these very thin chopping mats. Now I’m able to get them at my dollar store, but I know you can get them at Walmart and places like that. They’re very very thin plastic sheets. They’re designed so that you can cut on them and then you pick them up and drop your vegetables in your pan. But you can cut them with a pair of scissors so they make a great alternative for the template plastic. I would not recommend ironing over them, but if you’re in a pinch they worked good to cut out those shapes that you need to transfer all over. And you can also cut out shapes that you want and tape them right over top of your ruler. You can get them opaque and you can also get them in different colors. So if you have some ones that have different colors you’re going to be able to see them really well over top of your rulers, and that way you don’t have to count your spots to do cutting. It’s already there for you to see. So if you’ve run out of template plastic, this is a great alternative. So they’re not quite the same, but they do work in a pinch. Thank you for joining me today on SewVeryEasy. Feel free to subscribe and, as always, come on back. Let’s say what we’re sewing next time
in the sewing room. Bye for now!