DIY Quilled Fabric Earrings

This video is about how to make earrings from
rolled fabric strips. We’ll need fabric pieces of blue, turquoise
and ash-pink colors. Jump rings.
French hooks. And scissors. Take an ash-pink cloth and cut out one-inch strip. Hot glue short middle area and fold the fabric to one side. Add some glue and fold the other half of the strip. Glue another area and repeat the steps. We’ve got a thin fabric strip. Hot glue the end. Roll the strip adding the glue from time to time. We’ve got a small fabric roll. Take a blue cloth piece and make another folded
strip. Attach the blue strip end to the fabric roll. Roll it around the ash-pink detail fastening with glue. Add a turquoise detail. Pass the end through a ring. Fasten with hot glue. Cut out the excess. Put on a hook. Press over with your fingers to hold well. Hot glue the end if necessary. Make the second earring in the same way. The original quilled fabric earrings will become a fabulous gift to your best friend.