DIY PillowCases from old T-shirts

if you want to watch this video with Greek subtitles you can click the gear button which must be somewhere here… hey friends on the internet, it’s Mika! and I really hope you’re not sick of the DIYs cause this is another one, but, this is a very easy one and you don’t need expensive eqquiptment or fancy Martha Stewart diy skills to make it today we’re making pillowcases out of old t-shirts! I can’t tell you how strongly I feel about recycling, but I understand it’s not always convenient , I don;t live in the city, and there are not as many recycling bins around, so I have to drive 30 minutes just to throw trash, and I admit I don’t do it all that often but I try not to waste as much! I try to see if I can re-purpose things before throwing them away the diy community on the internet is always trying to find ways to re-purpose and reuse things and that’s super awesome so let’s not blah anymore, and get on with the tutorial! I’m sure you all have t-shirts at the back of the closet in
perfect condition but they are not your cup see or maybe
they don’t fit anymore what do you do with them? you throw them away?no! you diy them this is one of my unfortunate diys I can’t wear now but I still like the design so I’m going
to turn it into a pillowcase first of all we need to take the
measurements of the pillow will be using then cut the t-shirt so
you’re left with a one-piece piece of fabric to work with transfer the measurements to the
T-shirts leaving a one centimeter or half an inch seam-allowance and cut the axcess if your piece of fabric doesn’t make perfect
square or is not enough to cover the pillow like this one here, simply add the little parts there
are messing by putting good sides together like I’m doing here for the opening of the pillowcase we
won’t be doing anything too complicated like sewing zippers or buttons we will use
the overlapping technique and for this you will be needing 2 pieces that measure the same width as the as the front piece and for the height
device the height of the front piece in half and add at least 2 inches check the description below for
further information by cutting from the bottom part of the t-shirt saves
you time her there’s no need to finish the edge and
that’s always a plus in my book put good sides together like so and
have the back pieces overlapping one another and sew a tight stich all around cut all four corners as close to the
seam as possible this eliminates the bulk at the corner
and turns beautifully final step turn right side out and stuff
it with the pillow form and that’s it you have made a pillowcase out of your favorite t-shirt which otherwise you wouldn’t get any use out of! so I really hope you liked this video, I strongly advice you to go and find items in your house that you don’t use anymore but still don’t want to throw away and see how you can re-purpose and re-use them and maybe you can tag #sailordiy in your pictures in your pictures, if you post any, so we can exchange our re-purposing ideas! now before you go, don’t forget to check the description down below, there will be lots of t-shirt transformation videos for you to get ideas, and also don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up!! and subscribe to out=r little corner of the interwebs you are supporting my channel very very much by doing that! you can do it by clicking the red button that says subscribe underneath this video box! and that’s it! thank you so much for watching thank you for your wonderful comments, thank you for always being here I will see you again very soon, bye bye!