DIY No Sew Fleece Blanket Tutorial

Hi, I’m Jen from Online Fabric Store. The fleece blanket I am going to be making involves no sewing making it quick and easy. So let’s get started. For this project you will need: 2 yards of London Plaid Camel WinterFleece fabric, 2 yards of black fleece fabric, gingher scissors, and a clear ruler. Before lining up the fabric I trimmed off
the selvage of both fleece pieces. First, line two fleeces together with the right side facing the outside. To determine the wrong side of this fleece, you’ll see that it’s more faded right on
this side here, and this side is more crisp. Pin the two fleeces together to help stay in place, this is optional. Cut 5 by 5 inch squares out of the
four corners measuring with the ruler. Cut 5 inch strips 1 inch wide along the four sides of the fleece. You can use the ruler to make sure the lines are straight. Tie the two pieces of opposite fringe together in a knot by looping it through and pushing upwards. Finish tying the fringe into knots on all four sides of the blanket, and you will have your no sew fleece blanket. The finished dimensions of this blanket will be the size of an adult throw blanket. Thanks for watching this OFS project!