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– Hello, everybody. Welcome back to Kids Cooking and Crafts, and, today, I’ll be showing you how to make a homemade DIY mermaid blanket. Let’s do this thing. So I have this amazing
blue fuzzy blanket here. That’s gonna be our tail, so let’s just lay it out. (upbeat music) Okay. For this next part, watch me closely. So I’m gonna get the
middle of the blanket, and then kind of pull up. Do you see how it kinda
makes these ripples? Just like that. Now, you wanna make it like a slant up, and then grab it, and then
pull it in towards right there, like that, so it kinda makes a little fin. Let’s do the other side. Just grab it, and then pull it in. All right, now let’s
secure it with zip ties. Zip ties are actually really easy to use. So, first, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna get the zip
tie and go underneath one fin, make it come back up. I’m gonna use clear zip ties, because they’re kind of hard to see. Like that. Now, let’s do the other fin. Poke it through, just like that. All right, now, you need another zip tie and go through both of
them, just like that, right above the other zip ties. Now, we’re gonna grab some scissors and cut off the extra zip tie. Okay. You could stop here, but I
think we should decorate it. Let’s go. Look at these beautiful colors! They remind me of watermelon. So we’re gonna make pom-poms and tassels. First, I’m gonna teach
you how to make a tassel. So pick your color. I’m gonna do pink. Okay. Grab a notebook, and
then just lay your yarn onto the notebook like
this, and then stick it into the pages so that it won’t move, and then cut, cut. See how this piece of yarn
is trapped inside of a book? We’re gonna leave it right there and move onto the next step. So grab your yarn and start
wrapping it around your notebook over and over again. Okay, I think we’re good. I wrapped the string
around like about 40 times, so, now, get your string
that’s stuck in your notebook and pull it up. Okay, and then make a knot. I like to use square knots,
just because they’re super easy, and they’re super strong. There we go. Now, you’re gonna go to
the bottom of your notebook and start cutting it. It looks like an octopus. Now, we’re gonna secure it
with another string right at the top. Lay your tassel right on there. Make sure you leave a little
bit of space at the top. (upbeat music) There. Okay, now, we’re just gonna trim it. All of these strings
are different lengths, so we’re gonna make them all even. See how it’s nice and even at the top? (upbeat music) I could play with this forever. It can also be used as a broom. See? Onto our pom-poms. We’re gonna use white and green. For this one, you need a
hair pick and a white string. We’re gonna cut a long piece of string. Okay. I’m just gonna put it right
in the middle of the pick, right there. Now, I’m gonna get some
other string and wrap it around the pick. I’m gonna go around 25 times. All right, I think this looks pretty good. Now, we’re gonna get the
string that we put on first and bring it over and tie a knot. And we don’t wanna cut this off. We wanna leave it long so we can attach it to the mermaid blanket. Now, we’re gonna start
cutting off the edges. There’s one side. Oh, boy. There we go. Take the pom-pom off, and there you have a alien pom-pom. (laughs) No, but seriously, we’re
gonna even the strings out so it looks nice and cute. It’s like giving a little dog a haircut. There you go. See how it’s nice and
flat around the edges? That’s what you want. Let’s go attach these
pom-poms and a tassel to our mermaid tail. I’m trying to decide
how I want it to look. Tassel isn’t really working for me, so I’m gonna make another pom-pom. Wow, this is the perfect pom-pom. So I’m just gonna put all
three pom-poms across, just like that. So I’m gonna get the string and poke it underneath the zip tie, just like that, and pull it nice and tight. And then, you just tie it on. Okay, there. Now, we’re gonna cut off
the remainder of the string, so it matches the length
of the rest of the pom-pom. Last one. There. Ta-da! Whoa! All right, let’s test it out. Just gonna get under
here like a real mermaid, just tuck it under. Guys, check this out. I’m getting so cozy in my mermaid tail. Now, I can be a mermaid
all through winter. (laughs) I just wanna take a nap. (yawns) (upbeat music) Thank you guys so much
for joining me today. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and comment down below what
color of tail you would want, like, you could do blue,
pink, green, white, black, purple, any color in the entire world. Comment down below. See you, guys! (yawns) (upbeat music)