DIY Manualidades para Decorar con papel Cuadernos *Paper Quilting* Scrapbook Patchwork Pintura Facil

Hi! today we’ll make this patchwork quilting style note pad for your post-it’s stay with me start by looking for paper cuts that can combine together cut them in squares that measure 2,5 by 2,5 cm this is the quilt we’ll use so get the pattern from our website by clicking right now on the screen or on the link below in the description of this video acabamos de cutting the squares you just cut in cater-cornered or diagonal you’ll get the triangles to make the pink and blue areas to make these yellow and green triangles you just need to cut every triangle in half and to obtain the smallest triangles you need to cut again in half when you have the triangles you need apply some shadows to the borders using the vintage photo ink and the blending tool cut a 7,5 by 7,5 white cardstock squares where you’ll glue the patchwork start gluing on a side and continue with all the quilt this part has lots of fun!!! glue the smallest triangles carefully and continue with the bigger ones make some retouches on the white spaces using vintage photo ink and your brush the cut the leftover if necessary retouch with more ink cut a 8 by 19 cm pumpkin cardstock rectangle make mark for folding at 1cm, 2cm at 10 cm and at 11 cm and then fold it glue the patchwork on the center’s cover use a brown marker around every triangle this details will make that your quilt looks nicer make some more patchwork with the same technique and cut some 0,5 cm stripes for decorating the sides make some more brown stitching use a white pen to make white stitching around the patchwork put an additional patchwork strip in the closing area and put some more stitching look how nice it’s turning!! so now put the post-it pad in the center as a final touch let’s put some mini velcro to close the notebook I hope you liked this project! Mark as favorite and post a “Like”
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