DIY Harem Pants (Easy Sew)

Hey Guys! So today I’m going to bring you a harem pants D-I-Y I went from that to that So if your interested please keep on watching Starting of with the pants I chose pants that were of lightweight material and I chose them because of the versatility of the fabric Being that these pants are easy to wear during the Summer , Spring , Fall and maybe early winter and also they are easy to sew and since I didn’t have a pattern or the need to cut the entire pant out I just lined my skinny jeans on top of the pants and lined it up on the outer edge pinning the pants along with the skinny jeans I gave a 1/2 inch in between the pants and the skinny jeans when I lined them at and pinned them all along there to give it a loose feel but a tighter fit and to give that tighter area around the foot you’re going to line the skinny jean with the pants and cut a half circle around the pants as you see can right here make sure you pin before you cut the half circle out and next your going to just sew along the pins At the end of it all you should end up with something like this Bye! Thank you so much for watching on please
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