DIY Fabric Wall Organizer with Pockets

Hey what’s up you guys? My name is Emily
and in this video I’m going to show you how to make a wall organizer. Lets get on with the video! What you’ll need for
this DIY is some fabric, felt or another color of fabric, a ruler, a pencil, a wooden dowel,
scissors, paper, twine, and pins. You’re also going to
need a sewing machine but you can also sew it by
hand with a needle and thread. The first thing you want to do is
that you want to cut a piece of fabric at about 14 1/2 inches by 11 1/2 inches or you can cut the piece
of fabric bigger than what I did. Then you can flip the fabric over so
you can see the back of the fabric and you want to fold a half inch
edge on each edge of the fabric. When you’re done folding the
edges you want to sew each edge with a sewing machine or
you can just sew it by hand. I decided to sew it
with a sewing machine. You want something like this. When you’re done
sewing the fabric, you want to take
a wooden dowel and you want to place it where
the top of the organizer will be. Then you want to fold
the fabric over the dowel and then you’ll want to
pin the fabric in place. When you get the pins in the fabric you can pull out the dowel and then you can sew
the fabric together. Make sure while your sewing you
leave enough room for the dowel. When you’re done sewing the
place where the dowel will go you want to cut out some
templates out of paper for your pockets. The big pocket I made is
7 3/4 of an inch by 4 inches and my two small pockets
are by 3 1/2 inches by 4 inches. When you’re done
cutting out your templates you want to trace the templates
onto a different color of fabric or felt. Then you want to
cut out the pockets. You don’t have to
make three pockets and you don’t have to make the
pockets the same size as mine. You can make them
any size that you want and you can make as
many as you want. When you’re done
cutting out your pockets, you want to lay them out
where you want to be. Then you can pin the corners
of the pockets to the fabric. When you’re done pinning the
fabric, you can sew the pockets on. You only want to sew the left, the
right and the bottom of the pocket. You don’t want to sew
the top of the pocket. When you’re done sewing,
make sure you trim off any of the extra thread off of the
front and the back of the organizer. Now you get put the dowel in and then you can tie a piece of
twine on each end of the dowel. When you’re done with the organizer you can hang it up on the wall and you can put whatever you
would like into the pockets. and that’s how you
make this wall organizer! In the comments down below let me
know what you think about this DIY and if you like this video
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