DIY Embellished Shorts Using Fabric

For this project I’m using a pair of shorts scissors Fabric a sewing machine and pins. I’ve chosen a pair of shorts that I enjoy wearing but have since gotten paint on them. I Found this great fabric with zombie pinup girls. I had to have it and it will be perfect for revamping be solid denim shorts Line up your fabric with the area of the garment you’d like to cover I’m going to leave the denim around the edges to frame the fabric Once the fabric is situated use a fabric chalk or a pencil to mark your cutting lines And I’m gonna add a little bit extra even though I don’t need I don’t need all this fabric, but I’d rather be You know have the extra and cut it off later then Not enough Use the scissors to cut the lines giving yourself about a half inch of extra fabric around the outside for making a clean edge I Saw this fabric and I was like mine I Need this fabric I’m going to Fold it over where the chalk line was and sort of give myself a seam and then I’m going to start pinning and Pin all the way around again. I’m placing mine Inside the seam lines so that I still have the Jean on the other side And obviously be careful not to pin Through both sides of the shorts and then to do the corners here We’re just going to kind of we already have this side folded under so we’re just gonna take this side and tuck that As well so keep the the corner tucked under I’m just gonna work my way around the shorts And I usually use the foot as a guide. I’m going to try and sew with this foot along the edge of my pinup fabric At the corner make sure your needle is all the way down into the Fabric and then you can lift up your foot and you’re just gonna spin this and sew again along that way It gets to be a little tricky when you have a million pins sticking out at you And make sure That the bottom half of your fabric is separate so you don’t sew the whole thing together because that would suck For a pocket trace the shape you’d like to use on a piece of paper and cut out Again, leaving about a half inch of excess to work. I Started with this one and Mikaline said No, your butt is way too big then I went with this one and Mikaline said no Do you realize how big your butt is and I said, okay fine If you ended up with this, but actually this is gonna be a great size So if you look here We are going to sew two layers of fabric Together in which case this is going to get shrunk down About a half an of an inch all the way around so it’s gonna end up about this big when we get done with it Using the fabric chalk again trace the pocket shaped from your template do the same with another piece of fabric to use as the pocket liner and cut Lay both pocket pieces facing towards each other and pin together I’m gonna try and stay an equal distance away from the side of the fabric so I get a nice even Seam all the way around We have a small opening in order to turn the fabric right-side out and iron out any lumps Pin the finished pocket fabric to the shorts leaving the entrance of the pocket open So once we have our pocket pin we’re going to sew Almost all the way around. We’re going to leave the top open So it’s actually a functioning pocket if you wanted it to just be a patch or something You could just sew it all the way around So now this is a little Flappy because I went in a little bit which is fine because we’re gonna double stitch this just to make it a little more solid So it doesn’t rip off. So we’re just going to come in and do a second seam line all the way around