Digital Machine Embroidery : Satin Stitching for Digital Embroidery Machine Designs

Hi! I’m Anne Beckett with Anne’s Embroidery
in Austin, Texas. Now I need to change to a different type of stitch because that’s
so thin, we don’t want to try to do a tagemey stitch actually I can show you the difference
on there but I’m choosing a tagemey stitch as a flat stitch. The options are it is a
type of a back stitch and the options are to when the machine sows it’ll sew in a
line, jump over and sew back, jump over and sew back, so it’s a nice flat stitch. I’m
going to go with we call a satin stitch which is just a zigzag type of type zigzag type
of stitch, depending on the fabric that you’re using, we’re using wool this time and so
I want to have it at least .4 the spacing for the actual rolls of stitching. This program
is so easy in fact I’m going to intentionally in a second I’m going to make a mistake
so I can show how easy it is to go back and fix that mistake, this will make that really
fat there, see that’s a mistake but you’ll see I’ll go back and fix it. I’m also
faster than most embroiders so I charge by the hour rather than by the stitches cause
this is going to be a lot of stitches but it’s not going to take a lot of time, I
studied the actual software the book that comes with the software, it’s a huge book
that comes with it I studied it for a good six months before I started actually digitizing
and boy I use to be really bad.