Digital Machine Embroidery : Importing the JPEG for Digital Embroidery Machine Designs

Now to start digitizing a design I generally
go with how the designer which is usually me but sometimes it’s somebody else I like
to start with how they’ve actually done their drawing. I can see in here that he started
it appears anyway and I can go with this but he started his drawing using the yellow, so
far I have just scanned this in let’s say jpeg or I scanned it into my computer, made
it into an electronic file which because I like jpegs for the resolution, the color,
everything about jpegs I like the size of them. I save it into a jpeg, pop it into the
put it on disk, pop into the computer and then it’s a jpeg so that’s what we’re
looking for, I’ve named this one bird Sebastian because it’s Sebastian’s bird. You can
see that the blue kinds of runs on top of the yellow and the green runs on top of the
blue, so in order to make sure I’ve got all the colors and all the lines in there
I’m going to start the way he started and hopefully follow through with what he has