Denim Fabric – The Denim Studio by AGF: Reinventing a Classic American Fabric

since the beginning of Art Gallery
fabrics it’s been a goal to be different to bring a new perspective to fabric
and provide new possibilities Feel the difference is our motto for a
reason not only in the difference in the quality of our fabrics but because we
strive to bring you a different unique designs one thing we love our trends so
we are always researching the biggest trends for the upcoming season that can
be used by us makers after much time we found a well-known fabric substrate
that made us thrilled with excitement that we worked around the clock for
several months around the idea of producing a denim line that we can all
love and so we really wanted to bring something new to the industry that was never
seen before in quilting . Thickness of denim might be a barrier that can hold us back
on the idea of sewing at home with Denim we want to bring you fabrics that
are ideal for sewing including a regular home machine and like that the denim
studio by AGF came to life our new series of premium substrates that not
only focuses in fabric design but as a whole new concept for makers with the rugged
yet soft and beautiful feel is a complimation of 25 style is divided into five groups
for this premiere round First the studio are the denim prints which we
like to call the stars of the group 11 designs with the classic denim blue
background for this round we wanted a balanced selections so we made three
florals which include a mix of painterly playful and some floral designs we added
geometric syntex ride graphics and tonal shades to create more depth in projects
like bags and quillts but of course their greatest prints for apparel as
well the solid textured denims of the
classics of the group 100% cotton in four different shades that will have you
mixing a way to create more structured garment it’s medium weight and with
every wash it turns even softer and easier to maneuver the great thing about it is
that you can sew using your home sewing machine you can also includes habits and other
kind of projects he gets addicting for sewing we suggest that you use your
regular stright foot and a denim needles size 16 and it will sew like butter. Our solid smooth denim are super fun
with a soft and buttery feel they have the same weight
of our regulart quilting cottons and it seems like they’re made for each other how
aboutmixing them in quilts? Solids they also work perfectly as blenders we
encourage you to try one of them two of them or all of them as we’re sure you’re
going to fell in love. The blue shades when use in quilt immediately take us in this
Americana at home feel other more unusual shade like
nectarine sunrise and sage are perfect for gourments children wear
bag and pouch trends and of course to mix and match in quilts we are also introducing
our linen cotton blend in a neutral color this is proven to be a favorite
among those who work with it in a truly of the color really blends itself for boundless combinations are
blend is breathable and looks great when tailored last we have what we call our Lovey Dobbie
couse its really delicate and lovable with a similar look and feel chambre
this 100% cotton substrate is ideal for garment making it is excellent drape is a dream of
softness that makes us want to use it for quilt backgrounds the feel of this fabric
is awesome for baby sewing It is super comfortable
pretty greish tone that goes with anything after mixing matching
and mis-matching?We found that the combinations exceeded expectations so
what can you sew with AGF denims just about anything quilts apparel home decor accessories mix and match to your own taste We hope that you love our denim as much as we do and feel the
difference once again for more information about her denim substrate visit