Decorative stitches| Galaxy | Вышивка:Декоративные стежки|Puntadas decorativas| Galaxy

your “like” is my reward Embroidery without the help of hoops fabric: gabardine or denim the gel pen the template is very simple 5 lines – the distance between the lines of 4 mm circle diameter – 2 cm distance between the strips – 5 cm the needle is thin with a small eye. It easily passes through the fabric. YarnArt or DMC pearl or thread Japanese (for Sashiko) See the template size under the video in the description. Running stitch length – 5 mm between stitches distance – 5 mm continue embroidering until the end of this row one size all stitches another line – stitches in staggered order do not tighten the thread when embroidering the fabric should be smooth without wrinkles tapestry needle the start of embroidery: from left to right next action: right to left embroidery last action: embroidery from left to right securing the end of the thread 2 white threads Sashiko Running stitch length – 3 mm between stitches distance – 1 mm long stitches – 5 mm short stitches – 3 mm Asterisks french knot stitch constellation zodiac you can also use woven stitch Asterisk stitch Thank you all for watching! drawing repeats – 4 cm distance between planets your “like” is my reward