DDs Review Weekly Vlog – Book Review – Lovely Little Patchwork

hi and welcome to review weekly today
I’m reviewing at this cute little book called lovely little patchwork with
alien projects to stay through the seasons it’s by to the publishing and
it’s by Carrie Horsley and I’m going to show you some of my favorite things in
this it was first published in 2016 and basically it just goes through some
different things so there’s techniques in here that you can learn is foundation
paper piecing English paper piecing raw edge applique and it just goes through
their long straight line quilting etc etc and each of the projects basically
go through like there’s winter summer spring and autumn and that she’s just
got the book set out in that way goes over some of the basic tools and then it
dives straight into like the first part of the book is quite extensive through
all the different techniques and then it dives into the projects and I’m loving
that vintage mission that’s absolutely gorgeous so then as I said it dives into
the projects and it starts off with winter and it goes through the seasons
from there so some of my favorite ones are the heart-shaped patchwork hearts
for coasters and they’ve got a little bit of Rick Iraq in them I find them to
be very appealing it was what drew me to the book to begin with and you can
actually find this book on our website the next thing that I really love in
this one is a cross stitch sewing book so basically it’s a patchwork block and
it’s got a little bit of cross stitch in it and then it’s got compartments to
hold all the bits and pieces that you would use for cross stitching it’s even
got a little bit of English paper piecing and also some binding techniques
so you actually from this project learn quite a bit especially if you’re a
beginner my next favorite thing is this little
pot holder here it’s absolutely gorgeous again you’re
learning a little bit about applique and also some English paper piecing in there
and this binding is being sewn on by the Machine so you’ll learn that technique
as well so it’s a good little book to work through it’s got some gorgeous
little projects in it and they’re small and quick it’s even got some doll making
as well which is um quite a nice touch she’s very cute too and this one here is
I absolutely love this I actually want to do this up for myself to put all my
friction pins in and because it’s got a little bit of English paper piecing with
some small hexagons and it’s got a lovely lace zipper in it and it lays
quite flat as well and it’s also got some big stitch quilting on it as well
so that’s a really good project to learn quite a few things from in sort of
installing an a-line super which we have a video on how to install a sippers and
I’ll link that up down below and also in the card so you can go and have a look
at that and I’ve also got some basic english paper piecing videos to sit down
for this coming year as well so you’ll be able to follow along with those but
you’ll get the hang of it with this and of course in the back you’ve got all the
templates for all the projects even the cute little art cross stitch one for the
the cross stitch book and it’s also telling you what are threads to use and
all the rest of it so that is the book it’s listed over on our website if you
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my name’s in the Nicole Reed for Darvanalee Designs Studio and this is review weekly and
l’ll see you all again next time bye for now