DAISY FLOWER Knit Stitch Pattern

The Daisy Stitch! Hi, Guys, I’m Kristen and
Welcome to Studio Knit! It’s Knitting Lesson Monday and I have recently received a lot
of requests for this stitch. It is the very pretty, vintage Daisy Knitting pattern perfect
for summer time. I love how the rows, they knit up with a bit of thickness and the alternating
rows of daisy flowers are just so cute and happy. This knit stitch would make a great
baby blanket. What other projects do you think you would like to knit up with the Daisy Stitch?
Let me know in the comments below! We begin by casting on in multiples of four stitches,
plus one. So here in my example I have twelve plus one stitch for thirteen. On row one,
we simply knit the entire row. Doesn’t get much easier than that. Once you’re near the
end of Row One, it’s time to start row two. We begin with one knit stitch. Now, we’re
going to be bringing our yarn around to the front as if to purl which we will be. We’re
going to purl three together. So, we put our needle in to three stitches. Right like that.
And then we take our yarn, we wrap it around, counter-clockwise as if to purl, and we are
NOT going to take those stitches off the left needle. We’re going to keep them right there.
So we have one stitch created. Now we’re going to create our second stitch by a yarn over.
Now this yarn over also goes counter-clockwise, so that’s the second stitch right there, okay,
great. Now we’re just going to finish up the Daisy Stitch. We are going to insert our right
needle again into those three stitches exactly the same as we did we go ahead wrap it around
counter-clockwise, purl through, and now we are able to take those three stitches on our
left needle off. And we’re done! So, you’ll see, we have created three stitches of the
daisy stitch on our right needle. Now, we just knit one, very simple. Let’s do it one
more time together. So, we’re going to put our yarn in front and we are going to take
our needle and put it through the front of those three stitches on our left. Okay, we
take our yarn, wrap it around counter-clockwise, and we purl it through on our right needle.
Now, we keep those stitches on the left needle. They stay right there. Okay, so now we’re
going to just do one more yarn over counter-clockwise like that, that’s our second stitch, again
we put our right needle into the front of those three stitches, we purl and we are now
able to take those stitches off the left needle. Yay! We’ve done it. So, this is what it looks
like when you’re done with your series. You have the first knit stitch, then the three,
the one, the three, and the final knit stitch. Awesome! Okay, so row three, I’m changing
it to the color white. You don’t need to change yarn colors at all. Now, row three, very simple,
you simply knit all the way across the row. And while you’re knitting this row, you may
want to take your time because we are knitting those yarn overs. Okay, now row four is really
a repeat of row two, except the daisies will be alternating so we’re going to do Knit One,
Purl One, and then we start our series with knit one, and we are going to do the Daisy
Stitch. So, you know the drill. We are going to put our yarn in front and this might even
be a little bit easier with the white yarn we go ahead and we are going to purl three
together right here. Okay, now remember we yarn over counter clockwise, we put our needle
right back into those three stitches, you purl the stitch, there it is on our right
needle, we get to take them off our left needle. Yay! And then we knit one. Awesome, okay now
do this series all the way down the row until you get to the end and at the end you’re just
going to do an extra purl one knit one. And here’s what it looks like. Now, the Daisies
don’t look very defined. They look better once you do that next all knit row, so here’s
what it looks like so we can see our pretty white daisies. And so now, you just continue
knitting all the way the same series of four rows until your piece is the length you desire.
I hope you are inspired to give the DAISY STITCH a try. For the written pattern, I have
added a link for more information on my website and that’s in the description below. Thank
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