Cute Easter Bunny Costume! NO SEW Tutorial!

Welcome to Pins and Things. Today, we’re going to be making, a little girl bunny costume We are going to start by making our I two tulle. I have some tulle that’s already in the small strips maybe eight inches long I’m just going to start by wrapping my 22 inch piece of Cardboard with the tulle. To keep it in place while I’m wrapping it, i’m just going to use a tiny bit of tape on end to kind of keep it in your right place, and I’m not trying to stretch it out because it can stretch kind of easily I don’t really want to stretch it I just want to keep it the same length, and I’m going to do this with the whole roll Next thing we’re going to do is chop at each end This will make them like I said the cardboard is 22 inches long So that will make this each strip 22 inches long. Again this is a no sew to – so, we’re actually using a little pink headband And these you can find all over the place. You can get them at Walmart, you can get them at the dollar store You can get them everywhere, craft stores wherever you need them. So this will fit around her waist is nice and stretchy I have a book now, and I just have stretched it over the book. Now we have all of our strips of two – ready to go. First thing we’re going to do is take a strip fold it in half I’m going to push it through the hole Find our loop Pull the rest of it through and pull it tight. We’re going to do that a lot Now isn’t this the cutest book you ever did see? It’s done, so this has two rows I just decided to only do the two because I think that’s plenty fluffy if we do much more than that We’re not gonna be able to see her. That’s what I only used about one and a half, a little bit more than one and a half of these rolls of tools that I use So one and a half is really get to you know you’ll have some leftover or whatever look at this stuff. Isn’t it? Wouldn’t you think my collections complete? We’re gonna make the bunny tail and all you’re going to need is some fluffy white yarn scissors and your hand So I have this, I’m just going to stretch it I tied it in a little loop, and I’m gonna put it over my hand And I’m just gonna take the yarn and put it over my head over and over and over and over. All righty let’s snip it right there. I’m gonna find the middle here. So basically what you do to make a little bow out of yarn I’m just going to take a little bit of the yarn in the middle And this is hard because it’s all the same colors. So you really need to pay attention. We’re going to take this tie knot I’m going to pull it as tight as I can I’m going to do a square knot too. I’m now going to take my scissors and go through the loops Just go ahead and cut them that’s gonna give us our fluff a fluff a puff. Here we go, here’s our floppy bunny bot It’s snowing So I have my tutu and if you’ll notice I left these two strands longer than the others and now I have found the seam on the tutu and what I’m going to do is on the very bottom closer to the where the tulle is, I’m just gonna poke it through Poke the other one through and we’re just flip it on the other side I’m just going to tie a knot and then it will be easily removable too if you want to just be able to have a cute little tutu for your kids to play with. For the bunny ears which is the next thing we’re going to do. I have a little Simple white headband, and I’ve got some pipe cleaners. We’re going to work on here. I’ve got three pipe cleaners I’m going to just twist them together at the top And then I’m just going to braid them and it’s just going to be a really loose braid. Just in order to hold it together give it a little bit more stability, and I’m twisting them together at the end Just like I did at the top. So we’re gonna make two of those. Now we’re going to twist them both together at the top. The beginnings of our ear. Now I’m using some of the tulle that I have left over from the rest of the costume And I’m just folding it over so as this is being doubled over here So next I’m going to place my ear on top of the tool just how I want it and cut around it The shape of our ear is ready. Actually gonna use my lace and I want the frilly side to be on the inside because I think that that’s gonna give it a lot more of the decoration that I want. We’re gonna start gluing our lace down on top of the tool without glue gun. Oh, yeah So it’s getting on my table, but this is kind of my crafting table. I don’t really care that much It scrapes up really easily if you do care, though, you can do it over a plate Now i’m just going to trim this side here, now we’re gonna do the other side. This is adorable. For]the ear the only thing I really don’t like at this point is the pipe cleaner I think it needs a little bit more – So we’re gonna take our fluffy yarn And we’re just going to start covering the entire ear. Glue it down right at the bottom and that way we can start wrapping it all around with our fluffy yarn So now that our lace is all cool and everything on here and we have it completely covered in the fluffy yarn It’s adorable. Now we’re going to do the exact same thing that we did before and we’re just going to put the hot glue down Make sure that it’s right on the edge so that we don’t get much of the edge showing. Now just carefully lay it right on top That is cute. Next we are going to glue the ears on to the headband And I’m actually putting the headband a little bit higher up on the ears I want to have a little bit of a gap in between the ears, and I don’t also want the ears to go down too far So I think that this is a really good placement Now what I’m going to do is put hot glue from here to here on the back side While it’s still hot I’m just adjusting it Exactly where I want it to be. Now that the pipe cleaner is kind of underneath it We want to put some more hot glue over the top of the ear right here and fold And that’s just going to give us a lot of stability and now I’m just trimming off the leftovers, and then do the same thing on the other side Amazing! Check it check it To finish it off. We are going to take some of our fluffy yarn again. We’re going to glue right here Let’s glue right here So a little bit of glue right at the tip. We’re just going to glue and wrap and glue and wrap. So for the ears part, I think that the more that you can give it a little bit more stability the better So I’ve actually put a lot of glue right here as I’m wrapping I’m just making sure that I’m wrapping it really tight and kind of bringing it in and make the transition from this ear to this side. All right now that all that is done We have a little pink leotard and a little Ellie here. Say hi, my name is Ellie Okay, and we also have some little pink tights, and some white shoes. I just found them at Walmart by the little girls section They had some ballerina things and it just fit perfectly Now is the time to put on our little tutu. Ready, step into it, Isn’t that cute? Get ready. Let’s put on your ears. There we go. Say I’m cute So we’re all finished. I think that putting everything together makes it looks so so adorable I’m totally going to have for use this at an easter egg hunt this year and when we do I’ll film it I’ll put it on The Beach House, which will be over here You can watch, that’s our daily video channel or if you want to watch more easter videos you can click over here on Pins and Things Also, you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Be sure to subscribe if you like this video. We’ll see you next time Bye Happy Easter