Cute Drawstring Backpack Sew Along Part 1

Hi I’m Angel with and Shannon
Fabrics. Today I’m going to show you to make this really cute drawstring backpack. Now
I know what you’re thinking, now Angel, that has been done. Yes it has. Lots and lots of
times. But what is special about this tutorial is that the drawstring backpack is really,
it’s the first sewing tutorial. It is the sewing tutorial it doesn’t matter what sewing
class you sit down in that is thing you make on your first lesson. And the reason is why
I am doing this tutorial with you is because if you’re new to cuddle fabric this is the
tutorial you need to do. Cuddle fabric has some special properties and I’m going to walk
you through step by step how to do that which is actually why we are in my sewing studio
today which is why I don’t have my big fancy backdrop and stuff. Instead I hauled all the
lights into my little studio and did it. But I’m really excited to show you step by step
how to work with this fabric and how to make this really cute drawstring backpack. Isn’t
that cute? Looks so cute on my little girl there. In this tutorial we are going to be
using one of the cuddle cake kits from Shannon Fabrics and yes cuddle cake kits, can you
say that five times fast, are available in Fleece Fun online store. Be sure to check
them out there. Alright and the really cool thing is you can make several out of one of
these kits. So let’s get started, ok? It’s very easy to make and since we are taking
this from a beginner’s perspective I am going to walk you through a lot of things step by
step. Now I am using cuddle cakes, there are twenty squares, twenty ten inch squares in
each of these which is great. You can actually make three of these from one package. So this
is great if you’re going to make a bunch of little gifts for someone. Also just so you
know, they are coordinating cuddle charms that go with it so if you wanted to mix things
up or you have a project that needs both sides of the squares that’s there and available
to you and it’s really really easy. Alright as you can see, I’ve already made one and
I’m going to walk you through how to make this. Now each one of these you’re going to
need six squares total and you’re going to need one additional piece of a square for the pocket
here. Now to make the exterior what we are going to do is we’re going to take two squares
that’s going to be the body of it and then we will use one square to make the top. Now
of course you need to be aware of the direction of the cuddle. If you’re unfamiliar with working
with cuddle, it has a bit of a pile to it and so if you pet it, see right there it’s
going against my hand, alright and what we want to do is you want to try to make it so
it’s all going in the same direction so since this is going to be on the top, ideally I
want this to go this way. Now is this going to totally affect your project if it doesn’t
match up? No but actually it’s a good habit to get into because the more you work with
this, the more you need to be aware of it for different projects and such. Alright so
I am going to take this ten inch square and I’m going to cut it in half. All I’m going
to do is I’m going to take a rotary cuter and I’m going to take a ruler and you’re going
to want to use a rotary cutter most of the time when you’re working with cuddle because
cuddle sheds. That soft fury goodness needs to go somewhere and we call it cuddle dust
and it sheds so you want to make sure you use a rotary cutter just because it actually
cuts down on the shedding. Also be aware there is also a slip to this fabric so you’re going
to want to make sure you lock it down there. Line it up so everything is nice and neat,
there we go. Alright, I have my two squares and I’m just going to pet and line them up
there. Perfect. And this is going to be my front and then I’m going to take this other
square here and I’m going to make that my back. And I love the birds in this selection.
Flip that around. All matchy matchy. Great. So what we are going to do is we are going
to make these one solid piece which means we’re going to do a seam right here. Which
means we are going to sew it. Now the trick with this is typically when we sew we like
to pin like this. When you are working with cuddle you want to do it this way, not perpendicular
like you are used to, you’re going to want to pin it this way. It just locks it down
more and also I’m going to show you a trick. Because cuddle has a stretch to it, it’s a
knit fabric and there’s some wonderful properties that are unique but it’s also unique to be
more careful. Because it’s a knit fabric. little trick I’ve learned is what you’re going
to do is you’re going to want to pin one corner first then the other corner and then the middle.
Ok? And this is important because your fabric will be stretching as your pinning and it
will make it a lot even because sometimes when you start pinning here and go all the way across,
you’re going to end up with too much because there’s a little bit of stretch in the fabric.
And also part of that petting the fabric and making sure that the pile is going in the
right direction will also make it so the stretch is also going in the same direction which
will make it important. So yes, that would seem like a normally obscene amount of pins
for ten inch square but actually for cuddle fabric this is a good amount. You’re going
to repeat and do this on this side ok? Now once you’ve sewn that you’re going to have
something that looks like this and I want to put a little pocket here and I’m going
to show you how to do some basic applique. What you’re going to do is you’re going to
take another ten inch square, all I’ve done is cut that in half already in advance and
then I’m going to cut that in half one more time. So we’re going to cut that in half and
we’re going to cut that in half again. So that gives me a five inch square. But do you
know what else gives me a five inch square? Yes, one of these so I could just as easily
pull one of these out but for today I’m just going to use the fabric I have open. But you
know that’s a good way to save time to use one of the cuddle charms. Cut that in half.
So I got this for a pocket. And what I’m going to do is I’m going to fold this down about
a half an inch or so and maybe an inch even, no I’ll go half an inch. I’m going to fold
that over and actually I’m going to show you a little secret. Normally when we are using
quilting and stuff we like to use 505 spray but glue sticks are awesome. Every sewist
should have a glue stick as part of their kit now I think. So all I’m going to do is
run a little bit of glue stick right there and I’m going to take it and I’m going to
fold it down. Let’s see. I’m just going to eyeball it about a half an inch there, half
an inch there. I’m using my mat to kind of check and see. Alright, so there’s that. I
might just pin it just to make sure they’ll stay. And what I want to do is I’m going to
do a zig zag stitch all along there. Alright now I know in previous tutorials I
have mention when working with cuddle you really want a walking foot and that still
remains true. You really want a walking foot when you’re working with cuddle. However,
it is possible when working on smaller projects to not have a walking foot. So in this tutorial
I’m not using my walking foot, begrudgingly, I’m just using this standard foot. However
the one piece of equipment that you really need to have which is a small investment is
a ball point needle. If you don’t use a ball point needle, odds are that your fabric is
going to pucker and it’s just not going to lay properly. Now the fact of the matter is,
when you’re working with cuddle fabric it is possible to use a standard foot. It’s just
not as easy. It requires a lot more pinning and a lot more patience. Ok but we got plenty
of those right? We got plenty of pins and patience so let’s get started in sewing on the
piece together. Alright so I’ve taken my pocket and I have
sewn that edge down. Doesn’t it look nice, so nice and neat. And actually because this
is a knit fabric, you know I mentioned there was special properties before. Well this is
one of them. Because it’s a knit fabric it doesn’t unravel. It does shed and after washing
it it will stop shedding. But it does not unravel. So the great part is when we do applique
we can just applique right along the edge and we’re good to go. So what we are going
to do is some basic applique and this is great way to get started on doing applique with
cuddle fabric because you can do some beautiful quilts and others things with that and this
is a great way to get started as a beginner. So we are going to use my trick again. We’re
to get it perfectly centered, I don’t know about you but sometimes I just have the worst
luck getting things centered or perfectly when I pin something but when you use this
it holds it down temporarily which is a way it is such a great trick. So what I’m going to
do is kind of center it here, center on my fabric, kind of where I want to place it.
It doesn’t have to be perfect if it’s just a little bit off centered. No one will know.
You will be the only one that knows. No one will even notice. Ok. Now as you can see it
holds it on there really well. which is perfect when you’re sewing with it, it’s not going
to slide around on you. I like to have a few pins just to help it stay just because ya
know, it’s hard to let go of the pins, what can I say. So I’m just going to put a few
in there just to stabilize it a little bit but other than that, that is all you need
and all we’re going to do is we’re going to do a zig zag stitch all around the edge and
it will be perfect. Alright let’s go to the machine.