Cut a Flower Shape Fabric using Soldering Iron || Memotong Kain dengan Cetakan dan Solder

Hi guys, welcome to my channel. Today, I want to share how to cut a flower shape fabric with soldering iron. This is a great tool because we can cut and seal at the same time. This tool works great on tulle fabric, satin, chiffon, organza, lining fabric, and crepe fabric But unfortunately, it doesn’t work on cotton fabric. So these are the materials we need. This is a soldering iron. It actually comes with a bigger tip You can see the difference here I bought a smaller tip Because this bigger tip is great to cut a straight line like this But if you want to cut small details, like these flower shapes or scallops, It’s better to use this smaller tip And this is a soldering iron stand I use a ceramic tile as the cutting board This is just a regular ceramic tile and then a flower template This is the most important I’ll show you how to make these templates To make the template, we need a can This is just a regular drink can A marker Your desire flower templates, and scissors Now let’s cut the template! So this is our flower shape, now draw the shape on the can I love using a drink can because it’s the cheapest and easiest I can get Now cut the can, it will be a little difficult so I’m using the bigger scissors Now we have done the template and these are the templates that I made So, to make the template, you need to print out on a paper, then cut the paper, and draw it on the drink can, then cut and it’s done! Now let’s cut the fabric with the template we just made. First, prepare the ceramic tile as the cutting board Put the fabric and heat up the soldering iron, put the template and start cutting. Be extra careful because it’s really really really hot! The fabric has been cut and the best thing is it will not fray Let’s try cutting the tulle fabric Now this is the perfectly cut fabric! With a drink can, we can make any template that you want Like this, I’ve made scallops template and get the scalloped fabric It was perfectly cut For a starter, you can try cutting satin or grosgrain ribbons Just draw a straight line… I really love this tool because it cuts and seals at the same time If you have any question, please leave a comment below I would love to help and remember to SUBSCRIBE! Thanks for watching!