Cross Stitch Embroidery for Beginners: How to embroider Cross Stitch on Aida Fabric

Today I’m teaching you how to do Cross Stitch So let’s start Fabric used for cross-stitch embroidery is called Aida This fabric is known as Do suti & Char Suti in urdu This fabric has mesh that facilitates cross-stitching To teach you cross-stitch embroidery, I’ve made the pattern of Aida Fabric on another fabric I’ve applied dots on it. As you can see I’ve taken the needle up from the upper left dot (corner) and making a diagonal stitch, I’m taking the needle down from the bottom right dot (opposite corner) Now I’m bringing the needle up from the upper right dot then taking it down from the bottom left dot (opposite corner) I’m using same technique to make cross in next square Be sure to start each individual diagonal stitch in the same corner and complete it in the same opposite corner This will make the design symmetrical You can do cross stitch in another way too First do all upper left to bottom right corner diagonal stitches then do upper right to bottom left corner diagonal stitches This will give the same result too So let’s apply the same technique on Aida Fabric So Viewers, How’s my today’s video? if you enjoyed the video then like and share it Subscribe to my channel for new video notificaton remember to press bell icon