Cross Stitch #25 – [Invisible] Gay’s Projects (12/14/18)

Hey, um, I’m trying to do this really fast cuz my invisible friend Gay is about to come over and Grab up these this is her stitching and She and I framed these and I just wanted to do a really quick video so I can show you What she’s been up to I haven’t done much but I’ll do another video soon. Hold your breath. Okay, so Because I’ve just started this, my whole family’s gonna descend upon me I just know it so we’ll try to be really quick and efficient. So, um She stitch three pieces and this is for her Son her daughter and her daughter-in-law. So I’m going to first one is from Legendary Locomotives kit by Needle Treasures,. It’s a kit by Needle Treasures. We had never seen it before I found it on eBay It’s a series of couple trains nine trains I think and she did one and we framed it just the one single frame just the one single train in The frame, there we go. Okay, so and then this is a store-bought frame and a store-bought Mat okay, and we left the glass in we couldn’t use the backing so we have Covered it up with sin paper and I put a hanger on the top All right, so see if I can get as close without glaring. Oh Okay, and I’m using my laptop instead of my tablet to see if this goes faster I’m still not gonna edit it okay, this one here is a Mill Hill kit by No, this is a Mill Hill kit and the name of it is Mediterranean Mares and you can still get this on 123Stitch or that’s where we got it. You can find it at your local needlework store Where they can order it for you, or you can order it online This again is the store-bought frame This one we left the glass in and because we didn’t put a mat in it we were able to keep the back Okay So it’s got beads it’s so pretty it’s very very pretty Okay, and then the last one is Horse Play by Thelwell Cross Stitch and it’s called Horse Play. There’s a series of these little ponies and they are just the cutest things so we did This was was this a kit. I don’t remember if this was a kit or not. Oh, I don’t know. I don’t think so. I think it was just the pattern. Okay, but you can still get this one. Alright, so I’ll do it for shot. Here we go. So it’s a series of the three little ponies and They’re terribly cute and they’re all being very mischievious So I’m just going to scan and hopefully I will be able to see So this one here is a store-bought frame it came with a mat and So we were we just cut a mat to green. It was a white mat and it was oh it’s right here You gotta think creative when you go to the Go to the big-box stores and look at frames. It came with one of these okay, that’s for you know graduation picture and Kiddie pictures first grade through and so it came with mat so we knew a mat would fit in there Then what we did is because even though The mat was in there we still couldn’t use the backing so again, I Tacked it and then covered it up with sin paper It still needs its hangers So the two hangers one behind here and one behind here So isn’t this cute So invisible Gay and I got this done. Oh, somebody just drove up ha ha ha, okay. Um That’s Gay stuff Somebody’s coming in we’re done Merry Christmas. Talk soon.