Crochet Moss Stitch – Blanket

In today’s tutorial let’s work on the
Hibernation Blanket together. Another free pattern available by Welcome back to The Crochet Crowd as well as, – I’m your host Mikey. Today’s tutorial we’re going to
work on the Hibernate Blanket using Bernat Blanket yarn. You can also substitute with Bernat Baby
Blanket yarn as well and they’re both the same yardage and the same material
but they’re just different colors of shades. So what we have here is a very
comfortable afghan to make. It’s really quite nice. You’re going to need a
crochet hook, a big one, a size N or 10 millimeter crochet hook
and if you want to do this exact size that you have here, it’s 52 inches by 60
inches long and to do this that you need four balls of the pale gray, you need one
ball of the dark grey and then one ball of the vintage white. So in today’s tutorial I’m going to show
you how to change the sizes if you’d like to make a bigger or smaller and I’m
going to get you started because there’s really only three rows that you have to
know and then these instructions as if you want to make it a striping effect if
you want to do that as well and then around the end what you have here is just one single
crochet around the perimeter at the end of it very easy to do and it’s really
quite at an easy Afghan. I can’t even say it’s any easier than this. This is almost
a beginner level. It says that it’s easy but I think it’s
almost a beginner level as well. So without further a do, lets grab our crochet hook. I
am going to be changing the yarn to blue today, so it’s easier to see with the
white background. So let’s get started on this pattern. If you’d like to do the
exact thing in the pattern you’re just going to chain a 106. Now everybody else that would like to change sizes to any other sizes
that you wish and you just have to chain it out to get to the size that
you wish. You have to keep an even number so it
could be two, four, six, eight – who do we appreciate? – Just keep it an even number and it will
work out for you. So for today’s tutorial I’m just going to do a small sample just
to show you how to do it. So chain a 106 if you like this and
everybody else just chain and even number. OK, so let’s start off so one, two, three
four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, 11, I almost had 11 – there 11 and 12 now
that’s an even number. So I know I’m going to be safe with this particular
pattern. So you can go any size that you wish and then if you want if you’re not sure
what size you want just laid the chain down on something that you want to match,
and that’s how you got to. Remember the bigger the chain that you do the more
yarn you will use. So with that, let’s get on with row
number one. So row number one, we’re going to start
off with the second chain from the hook. So just look at your hook and just see
there’s the first chain, go to the second and just turn it over and get the back
loop only of that chain and I want you to single crochet. Ok now I want you to chain one. Ok and I want you to skip the next chain
and it’s turned up you can see it here, and go to the second one over and single
crochet. Then I want you to chain one skip the next one and go to the second
over. Ok so you’re going to skip one and then
single crochet into the next. And you’re going to do that all the way
across your chain. The chain one and then single crochet in the second one over. Chain 1, single crochet second over,
chain one, single crochet into the second one over and you’ll notice then you’re
going to have a right to the end and so you’ll notice that your single crochet
right into the final stitch that’s available to you. So this is what it looks like right now.
Ok so you started out with the single crochet in the side you ended up with
the single crochet on the other side and then single crochet one chain ones in
the middle that are skipping. Let’s go on to number two. Turning our
work. There’s going to be two rows that repeat
each other. So this will be row number one that of the repeat so it’s actually
row number two, but there’s two rows of repeat so just
always remember this. So you’re going to chain one to start
and you’re going to single crochet in the first single crochet that’s directly
right below it. And now it says; to single crochet in the next
chain one space. Ok so go right into the space and single
crochet in and now we established the pattern then going across. So what we have to do now is that, we
have to chain one skip the next one and single crochet into the next chain one
space. Ok chain 1, single crochet in the next
chain one space, chain 1, single crochet in the next, chain one space. So it’s only
the first time you have to worry about just getting this one right right in the
edge and you’re going to come all the way there across the top of this okay and you’re going to get to the end
you’re going to go into the last chain one space but you still have a single
crochet to worry about so you’re still going to put in a single
crochet right into the end. So on row number two, whenever you’re repeating
this you’re going to have two single crochets in a row and then you’re going
to start the chain one spacing and then you’ll end up with two single crochets
in a row at the end. Ok so that’s row number two. So let’s
move along to row number three and then let’s show you what that row looks like. So let’s turn our work and do row
number three. So you’re going to notice then you’ve
got a single crochet, single crochet, than chain one space. Ok and then you got your spaces all the
way across and then you end up with two at the end so and row number three,
what’s going to happen here is that we’re going to establish it just like it
was this chain. So we’re going to chain up one first,
single crochet into the first one and now you’re going to chain one, you’re
going to skip the next single crochet and go right into this chain one space
and then just repeat the pattern all the way across. So chain one single crochet
in the next chain one space and keep doing that all the way across. So because you’re working in these chain
one space is it was really easy. Eventually you get to the other side and
you’re thinking – okay you got two single crochets in a row here, there’s no more spaces left you were
going to chain one and then just immediately just single crochet into the
final single crochet. So you’re jumping over that second single crochet like you
did at the start. Let’s turn our work and review row
number two once again. So i’m going to review two and three all over again. We’re going to turn a work, chain up one,
single crochet into the first one, and single crochet into the next chain one space, and then repeat the pattern and going all the way across the
chain one, single crochet in the next, chain one. So you’re just playing with in the
spaces and you’re going to do that all the way across. So now the only stitch left is the
single crochet which you just have to single crochet in there. So that gives
you the two single crochets back in a row again on the beginning and the end.
So turn our work, and let’s do number 3 all over again. So we chained up, one single crochet in
the first. Ok so the single crochets here here’s
the chain one space you’re going to chain one and then just go right for the
space and then keep repeating the pattern across just within the chain one
spaces. So as long as you can understand that you have two different rows that
you got to play with it depends on these spaces then you’re laughing and that’s
what makes this a very quick Afghan to play with. So chain one and just go right
to the final. Ok so when you’re done this Afghan and
you get it to the size that you want all you just need to do is to circle around
the Afghan with some single crochet. Let me show you how to do that. Ok so to
do the single crochet around, you are going to chain one and then just work
yourself evenly down an edge now because you’ve done single crochet the the
stitching is pretty much every row. So every row you’re going to have a single
crochet going down. So just look at the end of the row and just look at and eye it
up. So on the corners what you’re going to
do for that is that, you are just going to continue to go around. Ok so you’re just going to, in the
corners I would put three. It doesn’t say to do this but I would
put three single crochets in to turn the corner and then work yourself down so
you’re going to have the space first and then the next one is a stitch and then
a space, and a stitch, space, so you’ll end up with
these gapping at the end and that’s just because it’s the way that
the pattern is presented and that’s just the nature of this pattern so don’t be
alarmed with that. I’m not alarmed in a part of the
character of the blanket. So I’m just continuing to circle around, so what are we going to do in the corners when we get there? You just put in 3.. 3
single crochets into the same one and then come up the side. So just again just follow the the rows down and you
can just equally spaced them. So I’m not counting. I’m just looking for the rows
in the corner again. Just come in the corner, three single crochets to turn the
corner. It does a nicer look if you do that and
this one here you’re going to have the spaces again. So it’s going to be space and then
stitch. So space and stitch. So you can see that you’re going to have
the gapping spaces like you did at that at the top as you do the bottom so
that’s what keeps the equal for the appearance. Ok so that’s how you would do this
particular Afghan it’s not a very hard Afghan to be honest with you. It’s
extremely popular this one. Everybody seems to be doing it. So we’re right where you started just
throwing two more single crochets in there. Join it to the first ones with a slip
stitch, like so and there you can see this is a miniature version of that big
Afghan and it’s really quite easy to do. So just trim your work at this point, and just pull it through the loop and
what I would try to do if I were you is that see if you can get this through
a darning needle if you have one that can do it because I got a darning needle
here. Just force it through. Remember your work
can never fall out is if you put it in a note 3 times so just across underneath
the stitches so one and back in the same direction for what you can but just go
in a different area so you don’t go down the same path, so two and then coming
back one more time for three and therefore you can safely cut your yarn
right to the project and you will never see this tail ever fall out because
you’ve gone three times back and forth. So this is how you do the Hibernate
Blanket. I hope you enjoy and you’ll notice that this is go as fast as it did
here on the tutorial. so until next time I’m Mikey, on behalf of The Crochet Crowd and, have a great day we’ll see you again real soon. Buh Bye.