Crochet Extended Moss Stitch

Coming up today learn how to do the Extended Moss Stitch. This stitch is so amazing. [music playing] Welcome back to The Crochet Crowd as well as I’m your host Mickey. Today you’re going to learn how to do the Moss Stitch, and the Moss Stitch is a matter of just working out your double crochets and doing chain work. Very, very easy. It looks a lot more complicated. Does a nice compact pattern. In actual fact you’re playing with rows below when you’re going to do this, and this is Daniel’s scarf that he worked on and I’m telling you this scarf is amazing. It didn’t take him much time, you are doing double crochets. And ah, with variegated yarns this turns out really amazing. So with the Moss Stitch regularly, you’re only using single crochet, but this is the Extended Moss Stitch where we are gonna use double crochet, ’cause I know a lot of people like to speed up their work and have a great look at the same time. Today’s tutorial I’m gonna use a solid color yarn so that It’s easier to follow along. And we are gonna get started right now. Today I’m using Bernat Super Value as well as six mm crochet hook in order to demonstrate for you today. And we’re goin’ to just start off with a slip knot for the Extended Moss Stitch. I want you to chain in groups of two, Okay. So you can do any kind of project you want. It could be a dish rag, it could be anything. So just go 1 and 2 and 1 and 2 and 1 and 2 and keep doing that 1 and 2, 1 and 2, 1 and 2, until you get to the size you want. Now what we are going to do is that once you get to the final chain, so you’ve done your one, two, please add one at the end, like so. And now you are ready to begin. We’re goin’ to single crochet across this chain, so were gonna go second chain from the hook, 1 and 2 turn that chain over and get the back hump of the chain and single crochet along the entire duration of the chain. Once you get the back hump of the first one the entire chain will turn upside down just like you see and it’s just a matter of just doing it. So please just single crochet across, meet me at the end of the line So we’ve just finished goin’ across, we’re gonna turn our work and now we gonna do our first chain. This is only time we’re gonna start our chain this way is that we’re gonna chain up three, 1, 2 and 3 ’cause we need to establish this pattern before we can really do the moss effect. I then want you to double crochet in the first stitch that’s here, okay? And now what we are goin’ to do is that we’re gonna start the moss look. So we’re goin’ to chain one, skip one stitch and double crochet into the next. Okay, chain one, skip the next double crochet and go to the next. Chain one, skip the next chain, goin’ into the next chain one just like so. Really easy, right? Chain one, double crochet, chain one, double crochet all the way, so what I want you to do, at the very end, we’re gonna have an odd number out so I want you just to double crochet in the final two. It’ll make sense too, why I’ve just did that, so one side you’re goin’ to have two double crochets sitting beside each other, the other one you’re gonna have three, but that’s gonna change in just a moment. So let’s turn our work and now this is gonna be the repeat pattern on how we’re gonna do everything. So we’ve got our first row established but here’s the repeat. We’re goin’ to chain up only two, 1, 2 and we’re goin’ to half double crochet into the next one. Okay? Now there’s already a double crochet here, this time we’re goin’ to chain one, okay? But this time we’re going to extend our double crochet down into this single crochet, way down there. And we’re goin’ to just wrap down and we’re gonna go around this whole thing, so grab it from the back. So wrap, insert, okay, this yarn here, just, it will come around the back side and pull through, like so and just pull up on it, okay, give it a bit of slack and then just pull through two and two. Okay, chain one, because basically this is now a double crochet. Here is another gap space so you’re gonna wrap, goin’ into the stitch, okay, the single crochet in the row below pulling it through, pull up and finish it off. Chain one, okay, this one’s already done, so we have this one down here, so just wrap going into the stitch down there pull up and finish it. Chain one okay, here’s the next one down here. Do you see that? And chain one. So Daniel’s version was done with sock yarn, and so his hook was a lot smaller so his stitches look a lot more tighter than this, but it’s easier to show you larger stitch. Chain one and here’s another one down there. So we’re gonna be playing into the rows below when we go to work on this stitch in order to make the moss look. So we’re gonna chain one and we have another one here, like so, and now you have two more double crochets left and you’re goin’ to put a half double crochet into each, like so. So why did we do a half double crochet? Well that’s because you’re working way down in the bottom section here, so that it pulls these stitches downward. So let’s turn our work and show you the next line. So let’s turn our work, we’re goin’ to chain up two, so the repeat pattern is the same as what we’ve already done before. So we’re gonna go 1 and 2, okay, and so we’re gonna put a half double in the first one like so, so now you have your two, and now this one has something already so we’re gonna chain one and we look here and we’re gonna extend down into that stitch on the bottom. Just like we just did on the last one. So this time we’re playing into the gapping spaces that are already there. So chaining one, okay, this one already has something, so we skip it and just go into the next. Okay, chain one, okay, this has something so you’re gonna go down. And this is causing the stitches to kinda sit on the top of each other, um, really kind of thicken the material up a bit and its a really kind of a neat look. Again, if its done in variegated yarn, it looks really amazing. Okay, so we’re just playing within the stitches from two rows below and it’s easy to identify the stitches, you can do this in front of the TV, chain one, and so you’re coming into the other side, we still have a gapping space here and then the final two stitches are just a half double crochet each. So I’m gonna show you one more row. Okay, so turn our work, and let’s move up. So you can see the gap spacing is now you can see how, see how its going up on an angle, kind of a neat idea. So we’re gonna chain up two, 1 and 2, half double crochet into the next one that’s there. Daniel felt when he did this is that it was easier to keep that, the edges in balance when the first two are half double crochets now this has something already so we’re gonna chain one and we’ll just immediately just jump back down here to the two rows below and do the stitches and then chain one, this has something so therefore we’re skipping to the next one. This one, yep, is right there thought I made a mistake, but I didn’t. So chain one just like so. How hard is that? So we did an entire scarf like that, it was amazing. And really, its kind of a neat idea. So if you’re kind of board with the double crochet and you wanna try something a little more different. Have a little bit of a different look this is the way to go. This is the Moss Stitch and thank you so much on behalf of as well as The Crochet Crowd for joining us today. This is part of the Life’s A Stitch Series. Make sure that you get all the way to the [chuckle] you don’t miss any stitches. I almost missed one and then I’m gonna half double crochet the final two. [music playing] Just like so. So it’s a really neat idea, so you can see how its working up on an angle. And interestingly it’s the same on both sides. So no matter what side you are looking at it, you’re gonna have the moss look on either side. Until next time, I’m Mikey.