Crochet Crinkle Stitch

In today’s tutorial we’re gonna learn
how to do the Crinkle Stitch and the Crinkle Stitch looks like it’s all
interwoven. Now you may think we’ve covered this
before in actual fact this is another variation. The wonderful thing about the Crinkle
Stitch is, is that it’s the same on both sides. So no matter what you do on one
side it”s gonna look the same. Now this is almost similar to when we
did the Ripple Stitch and the difference of the Ripple Stitch vs this one is that
the ripples are not on the underside they’re only on one side causing the
material to kind of like fold in and be awkward. We kind of did something similar with
the Basket Weave and you can see that we are using the techniques shown in the
Crinkle Stitch in order to create it, but you can see that it’s completely
different look and also what is very similar is the Rib Stitch here and this
again, this is double-sided just like the other ones but the lines are going
straight up and down where this one here you don’t ever see anything like that
because the lines are going in and out, causing the crinkle look. When we look at
the Crinkle Stitch here what we’re looking at here is actual material that
is bending over top of each other. I always call it a yarn pig when that
happens because what, because if you look at here, this stitch here is overlapping
another stitch down here so causes the material to actually be a lot more
thicker than normal and it causes material to grow slower as a result. So I
was called in yarn pig because the material is overlapping. So let’s start
off with a slip knot and we’ll get started. Hi there everybody. It’s Mikey from Mikey’s Mail and together with my friends at all free crochet and I would like to
introduce you to the Crinkle Stitch So this is a Crinkle Stitch is in sets of
two. So no matter what you do keep it in set two. This does not count as one, let’s grab the material and go 1, 2 and what your goal here is to figure out how many times that you wanna go one,
two to get the length that you want. So 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2. So you know what I’m saying? Just keep
going 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2 until you get to the size that you want. There’s a virtually no shrinkage on this at all, so you can lay it out to a
full-size afghan, a babies blanket anything like that and you will get
really great results. So I think I’m done there so 1 and 2 and when you
finally get to the length that you feel most comfortable with please add one. So just one. So there you go. There’s your starting
line and let’s move on. Okay, so we need to create the foundation in order
to get this to start So in order to do that we have to double
crochet. So what I do, is see how, where the stitch is coming out of? I hold my finger, my back finger, my index
finger and my thumb in a position just like holding it and so now what I wanna do is chain three so 1, 2 & 3 and right where my finger is holding is the first
stitch that I wanna go into or it is the third one back from the hook. Whatever you decide. I just think for
it’s just a lot easier to hold your finger there instead of counting. So we’re just gonna double crochet
ourselves, so let’s review double crochet really quickly. Going into the stitch, there is tutorials
available and how to double crochet, grabbing the material again pulling it
through, you’ll have three on your hook pull it through two and two. So what I want you to do is double
crochet yourselves all the way to the end of the line. Will catch back up and
we’ll begin to start our crinkle. This is a very quick tutorial ladies and
gentlemen. Really simple idea but really quality results as you can see in the
background. So we’ve come all the way to the end and
now we’re just gonna rotate the material, just like so and we’re now looking at the
other side. So let’s chain up two. We normally we’re
going to be double crocheting and normally we always chain up 3 but because we are crinkling and we’re
coming down below the line we’re actually not going to be as high.
So you can’t chain up your three because what will happen is your, your
edge will end up like a bowl shape and therefore being distorted. So let’s go 1 and 2 only and now
these are called post the train track looking things are called posts and so
when you grab the post from the front side it’s called Front Post, when you
grab it from the back side it’s called Back Post. So you will see that in the patterns we
also have tutorials on that on allfreecrochet and Mikey’s Mail. So what we’re doing here to crinkle it
is that we’re gonna be reversing every other one. So let’s just start off in the front. So let’s just grab the material we’re
gonna double crochet the front post. So grabbing the front, just like so, I’m
going through and pull through two and two. So the stitch as you can see, pulls down
and on the backside it actually causes the front to kinda fold over and
that’s what’s giving the look. So let’s set review that again. So let’s
grab the material, now we’re gonna go into the back post next. So grab the material, we’re gonna flex
the material coming through towards you and then back out again on the outside
in the back and this looks really complicated but it’s actually a lot more
simpler, you just have to get your technique. So let’s review again, so coming in the
front so we’re just gonna stick your needle in through the post area, coming
out the other side of the post, grabbing the material pulling it through two and two. So now the next one is in the back, so
grab the material going around to the back, pulling it, putting it through the front of the material flexing it so that it’s capturing the post on the backside, pulling through, two and two. So, the front and the back. Understand that? So what I
want you to do now is just go all the way down the line going front and back. So just the opposite to each other. Okay, we’ll meet back up at the end and we’re almost done this tutorial. This one is a really quick
one and really fabulous ideas. So we’re coming near to the end and
again we’re just reversing every other one, so back in this one and again this is all technique it takes
you a little bit of getting used to playing with the post but once you
understand it you get to understand where to grab in order to flex the material
really quickly. So we have to post left we have this one and then this is the
chaining that started the double crochet. We are never gonna use the front or
the back post when it comes to the very last chain post. If that makes any sense. So you now have the chain here so what
we’re just gonna do is half double crochet. So going right into the actual
chain do not go into the gap but go in to the chain going in and now pull
through all three, that’s a half double crochet. So we never ever do the actual
outside one. So let’s rotate it. Okay, you can see now
that there is starting to have three dimensional look to it. It’s actually really
great. So now we’re gonna do our chain up and again it’s only two, 1 and 2,
because we’re now working with posts. Now the first one is coming at you the
next one is coming behind you, so now what we want to do is reverse everything
again so because this one is jumping in your
face you wanna now grab that one from behind and pull it backward. Just like so. So now this one here is the
next one is in behind so now you want to pull that forward. Do you understand? The next one’s in front of so the next one will be from behind. So every time you go past the line on
one you just want to reverse exactly what is already there. So the next one’s in front of you so you
want to pull it from behind and so on. So hopefully you’ve enjoyed this tutorial.This ones a really quick one. It really is fabulous results on the Crinkle Stitch. It’s a really easy way to really make your stitching look
complicated. Uh, give it some really good three-dimensional looks and also you know just it really actually thickens up
your yarn because you are overlapping. It’s a bit of the yarn pig, as uh, some
of the other stuff working with post tend to be but it really great way of
thickening up what you got and really creating some incredible results. So good luck on that and this is another
free tutorial available from and Mikey’s Mail. Have a great day everybody!