Crochet Bean Stitch – bs

Welcome back to The Crochet Crowd as well as my friends over at I’m your host Mike. Today we’re gonna do the Bean Stitch and this is a swatch created by Jeannie. She has some new designs coming up available where this stitch is being used. This stitch is double sided as you see. So I’m gonna do things a little differently today. I’m going to show you immediately how to do the bean stitch and then we’re gonna run through the swatch so that you can plan to do larger afghans if you wish or any kind of things that you would like to design using this stitch. I’ll show you the secrets. So let me show you how to do the Bean Stitch. What you’re seeing here is the Puff Stitch. So the Bean Stitch is similar to it but it’s not the same and you’ll see that coming very clearly. Because when we go to look at the Bean Stitch, you see that it’s more interwoven and more solid. So what we’re going to do then is that we’re going to start a row. So we’re just gonna just chain one and you’re going to single crochet in the first one and then we’re gonna start immediately to do the Bean Stitch. So we actually skip the next stitch, go to the second over and I want you to insert your hook into that stitch. So this is the beginning of the Bean Stitch. So insert into the stitch pull through and hold it on to the hook. Yarn over going into the same stitch pull through uh, and then go through and pull through. You now have four loops onto the hook. Do it one more time. So wrap the yarn into the same stitch pull through and now you have six loops on the hook. Your Bean Stitch is now almost complete. You’re going to yarn over and pull through everything just like you see it. To seal the deal you need to chain one and then that completes your stitch. This chain one space that we’re gonna play with we’re gonna access it later when we come across the row. So to go to the next one you’re gonna skip the next stitch and go to the second over. So insert in and pull through and now the next two you’re going to wrap and go in and pull through there’s four loops and wrap and going through pull through and there are six loops, you’re done, pull through all six and then seal the deal with the chain one. One more time. So skip the next one, in, through, wrap, in and through there’s four loops, in, and pull through there’s your six and pull through all six and lock it with the chain one. So that would be how you do it. You see it’s more condensed than it is doing the Puff Stitch. So you do that all the way across and then eventually if you keep your counts right and you’ll end up in the last stitch which will be a single crochet. I’m gonna get you there now and I’m going to then show you how to start up the next row and then after that the world is your oyster. So you’re just gonna single crochet yourself into the final stitch and you would have had to skip one stitch in order to do that. So now we’re gonna move up. So what we need to do at this point then is that we just chain one to start and we single crochet in the first one. Now we’re gonna do the Bean Stitch. Do you see that these ones that are leading over right here? See how everything is gathered into here that looks like a eyelet? You wanna ignore that, you wanna go right here. So we’re just gonna immediately stick your hook in and we’re gonna do a Bean Stitch. So we’re just gonna go right into that space pull through, wrap and in and wrap and in. You got your six loops back pull through all six chain one seal the deal. So we immediately jump to the next Bean Stitch. So see the space right here? So this is gathering them all that’s like an eyelet, you wanna ignore that you wanna go here and pull through and you got your six, chain one to seal the deal and you keep just moving across like that and you get used to the rhythm that the first stitch is not wrapped first or the first loop and you keep on moving across. And what this is doing is causing it to interlock onto each other which is creating the Bean Stitch. So you can see it’s very different from doing the Puff Stitch before. So what I’m gonna do now is that we’re gonna take you to an actual swatch, to get you started and let’s talk to you about the multiples in order to achieve this and let’s do that next. So back to our sheet. This is an actual swatch. You can just make the information suit you. The whole key here is that you want to chain in an even number so it can either be 20, 22, 24 as long as it’s an even number, it’ll be good to go. Because what’s gonna happen is that row number one we’re gonna single crochet second chain from the hook and that will give us an odd number for the remaining of the project that we need. So what I’m going to do is that I’m gonna have you chain 20 and it, again, if you wanna make it bigger then just chain in an even number and then work your way across. I am using a 5.5 mm size, uh, ‘I’ crochet hook. You can use Caron One-pound yarn if you wish and this is a really neat idea and you can use any yarn as long as the hook matches the yarn. So let’s uh, begin to do a chaining of 20. Let’s begin to do our swatch. We’re just gonna start off with a slipknot first and then we need to chain a total of 20. So 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20. So go in any even number that you wish and then we’re going to single crochet second chain from the hook. So there is the first one right here. We’re gonna go here. Turn it over and get the back hump of the chain and I want you to single crochet in the back hump of the chain going all the way back across your chain. So regardless of the width as long as it was an even number when you started in a work out. So single crochet in the chain all the way back. So I’m coming to the final chain here on the chain. So what I’m gonna do is that I’m just going to take you across and then back and then I’m gonna show you how to get back to a normal stitch just in case you want to. So turn your work and let’s begin. We’re gonna do the Bean Stitch right away. So to start the Bean Stitch because we’re on an edge. We want to chain one first and single crochet in the first chain and now we’re gonna do the Bean Stitch and I’ve already showed that here in this video. So skip the next one second chain from the hook insert in, pull through, wrap, going in, pull through and then wrap and in, pull through. Now you have six loops on the hook. That means you’re done pull through all six. Chain one to lock. Skip the next stitch and start the bean again. So you immediately go in pull through wrap and in and pull through and wrap and in and pull through. You have six loops back on the hook again pull through all six and chain one to lock. Chain one or sorry skip one going into the next, so you’re just gonna bean your way all the way across. So I’m gonna speed up a little bit. And just don’t forget to chain ones after you’ve done your bean. So, I’ve never really seen the stitch before until Jeanne mentioned it which is pretty awesome. It’s nice to learn new things. It’s why I’m addicted to the crochet hobby is there’s always something new to learn. Now the trick is, is don’t forget not to do a single crochet when you start. Remember the first one is just insert right in and just keep it onto the loop. So just skip one, in, chain one to lock. Chain one to lock. Now, you got the second uh, two last stitches so you’re just gonna skip the next one and immediately just single crochet into the last one and that was going all the way across the row. So we’re gonna turn our work now and you can see the texture is really on this side. So we’re gonna then continue to do bean across. So in Jeanne’s designs she kept the beans in sets of six. So you have 1 row,, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. So when she did it, it’s all in sets of six. So this is row number one of the bean. So you’re just gonna chain up one and single crochet into the first one. Now, just gotta pull it apart and when you pull it apart do you see that this is an exposed gap? That’s where you’re going to play. You’re not gonna play in the tops where everything is being gathered in we’ve already talked about that in this tutorial. So you immediately bean right in there. So just you’ve single crocheted just going into that space and do your bean. Okay, once you get your six back on there pull through chain one to lock. So do you see, when you pull it apart It’s right there. And chain one to lock. Just pull it apart if you don’t see it and this is causing it to rest and beside it which creates kind of an interlocking look to your project. This also really thickens up the project as well, so if you like a weighted afghan this is a great way to do it. And now that you know how go, to go to cross what we’re going to do in the next row is how to get back to being a regular stitch just in case you would like to do that. So make sure you lock it. And so the last one here, chain one and single crochet into the final. So we gonna our turn of work. So you can either continue to do the bean so that you end up with the nice section of beans or you can continue back to what you were doing. So to continue back to a regular stitch work to keep yourself in balance with the chain or with the stitch counts chain one and single crochet in the first one. Now, right where you would have done the bean is where you wanna play. So right where you would have done the bean you’re gonna place in two single crochets. So 1 and 2. So pull apart and right where you would have beaned again two single crochets. So you’re going to apply two single crochets in the spacing where you would have done a bean and this will take your stitch counts back to where they should be. The trick is is to make sure that when you get to the other side that you want to make sure the last stitch gets two single crochets when I was doing this as a prototype I was missing that instruction that Jeanne had written. I just overlooked it and therefore I was missing a stitch because of it. So there’s two into each one and then the very final stitch you’re going to place in two. You think it’s gonna be an odd thing to do but it’s not and then that returns you back. So you can just turn your work, you can single crochet again or you can just keep that as a space and then add more beans if you wish. So chain up one let’s just put some beans in there and then just immediately skip one and bean into the next. So the single crochets kinda break it up a little bit for you and it’s kinda neat, right? Chain one to lock, skip one, bean, chain one to lock. So you can see that it kinda provides that and so when you saw my other example here when I can just zoom out a little bit like I did six beans like she was suggesting and then I put three layers of single crochet and then I beaned again and it gets really a unique look. So this is how you do the bean stitch. This is a swatch and how to do the bean. We’ll talk to you again real soon. bye, bye 👋