Crochet Along Small But Mighty Dragon Part 9 How to Sew The Legs and Feet Together

welcome back we’re still working on the
small but mighty dragon in this video we’re going to finish off the leg
together we’re also going to stuff the leg and then we’ll sew the leg and the
foot together you’ll need your blunt end yarn needle and a small amount of
stuffing okay you finished off the leg now we’re going to weave in and out of
these stitches before we stuff it I just find it easier that way so we’re not
pulling stuffing through our stitches when we do this part all the way around to where you started
before pulling that of course we want to stuff the lake let’s do that I’ve
stuffed right to the top and you of course want to make sure that you have
both legs are the same amount of stuffing in them now you can close this
just pull it lightly just enough to close it up that’s all we want to do
because we’re gonna be sewing the bottom of this to the foot so we need a little
bit of a surface there to work with so now we can knot this off okay I’m gonna
bring this yarn tail up in between the 5th and 6th row up here and leave it
hanging one two three four five and six so in between here and now I can knot
off so this is how it will go into the
dragon if we’re jointing their legs this is where you want the yarn tail to be
and you’ll notice that the indent on the foot is facing the same direction as
this finishing your tail but don’t worry if you end up sewing the foot and the
indent is on the wrong side we can always carry this over to the other side
and knot it off it’s not a big deal it’s just to save a little bit of time so you
can think about that now and just get it ready now so we’re going to sew the
bottom of the leg in between the fourth and sixth row of the foot so we count
from here one two three four five and six that’s the part we sew closed so when
you sew them on when they’re sitting if your jointing your legs this is how you
want them to look if they’re sitting you want that nice side of the foot facing
towards you okay and we’re gonna sew the foot in I’m gonna throw it in that
other clip using this dragon here same foot different color so I’m gonna take
that side there that we sew closed and that’s gonna go against the leg like
that so I’m just gonna bring the yarn tail right through just like that
so the indent of that foot will be facing towards the dragon now we got one
stitch in now we’re gonna bring this down into the foot and just out the
other side where do they get the Holding stitch in there so we don’t have to
there we go it’s already standing up I’m gonna go back in and come up somewhere
else close by that stitch there bring it through and I’ll go through the bottom
of the leg and down into the foot okay and I go back in that same stitch
hole I just came out of and I’ll come up here right beside the leg go through the
bottom stitch and then down into the foot and I’m just gonna keep going
around tell there’s no more gaps okay all sewn in and now all I have to do is
just knot off here go through that loop pull bring the yarn tail through and
away from that area pull on it slightly and cut and there
our one leg is done alright guys that brings us to the end of this video in
the next video we’re gonna sew the legs to the body there’s two different videos
for this there’s one that will show you how to joint the legs we don’t joint
with anything special we’re just using the yarn to joint them so we can joint
the legs or we can sew them in a permanent standing
it’s up to you whatever you find easiest the jointing part isn’t really difficult
but if you’re a beginner it might be a little bit awkward getting the needle
where you want it to go so if that’s the case don’t worry about jointing it’s not
a big deal it’s really not just head over to the other video and we’ll show
you how to sew his legs in so he’s permanently standing if you want jointed
legs you go here and if you want standing legs in a permanent position
then go here I’ll meet you over there