Crochet Afghan or Tunisian Crochet – How to decorate with the Cross Stitch

This is how to work embroidery over
the basic Afghan stitch. It also can be used over a single
crochet stitch. You’ll notice there are for vertical bars created by these lines. Horizontal bars are created with the yarn that is carried through. —- Therefore, you have a mesh to
work. The most popular stitch is usually a
cross stitch. I’ve begun here using embroidery thread —- —- and a tapestry needle. You can begin at the right, the left, the
top or bottom. It ‘s just important that you consistently make
your stitches the same way. You do not start out with a knot. You leave some yarn at the beginning. At least one inch or more. It will be woven in later.. On this particular one I came up from the bottom and you can see I’m working over that mesh creating one side of the cross stitch. —- Going down and coming up. Going across and down the other side. I continue to work across. —- To come back I’ve come up from the bottom and I’m going
into that same hole that the top one created. Coming up from behind through the same hole, crossing over and going down into the top hole.
Coming up and crossing over. —- I have seen directions that will show you how to make an individual cross stitch complete. —- Of course, I could not find them to show you. However, I did like this because it helped me make my stitches more consistent because I would out one hole and go down another hole. —- By reusing the same holes, it was helping me be a little more consistent in my stitches. —- Again, that mesh is created by the bars work over. Of course, you can use other
embroidery stitches also. If you are an embroidery person, you
probably have many designs that you already like and can be transferred
onto your crochet project. However, I have a few pictures of one’s I thought were especially attractive —- and show you the variety possible. This one is it a flower pattern cross stitched on crocheted Afghan squares. Very pretty. Here’s another one that is a little more
typical. —- Individual flowers going up a
panel and then a beautiful spray or design of flowers coming down the middle. This one is a really cute baby blanket. Obviously, it’s quite ornate since so much is
done in the cross stitch. This is also a very pretty one. It’s
another flower design that was done on black. With pretty geraniums cross stitched with the leaves plus other embroidery stitches. You can get as ornate as you want, This is one of the most complicated ones I found. —- It’s foundation is a cream basic Afghan stitch panel and then this very elaborate cross stitch pattern is worked on top. I will put the names of these books
in the instructions or in the description if you would like to see
them. However, if you want to look for other examples, the best place to find them —- is in older Afghan books from the 1980s and the early 1990s. This was
a popular technique at that time. You could find them possibly in your
library or ordered them from the library. —- If you would like to read any written instructions, please go to my blogs or free patterns at