Creative Crochet Tips : Creative Crochet Tips: Practical Pieces

Practical pieces are what you typically find
for crochet patterns for such as afghans, pillows, doilies, that sort of thing and purses
happen to be one of my favorites. In this particular case I used a pattern for a star
place mat and made two pieces of it, folded over the top portion over my handles and made
little pockets using our circle stitch and our square pattern to make my pockets, so
another example of combining pattens to make a practical piece. Home decor items can also
include different crafts besides crocheting. The nut house, I made little peanuts using
our circle pattern to combine with this wood burning project and again you can be as creative
as you like with your pieces and I put roses on top of this purse and that is different ways that you can use
crochet to make practical pieces such as purses and household items.