CRAFTSY HAUL: Sewing, Quilting, Fabric Favorites | February 2017 | SEWING REPORT

I just got an order in the mail from craftsy and you’re gonna help me open it welcome to the Sewing Report I’m Jennifer Moore helping you discover your love sewing if that’s something you’re interested in please consider subscribing to this channel and i just got a special delivery from craftsy so we’re just going to unbox it right now this is actually one of my favorite sites for online classes fabric patterns they sell a lot of great really good values on sewing kits and clothing it’s and of course fabric so I got stuff from there and we’re going to take a look so the first thing i got is this Robert Kaufman cotton solids roll up this is Elizabeth Hartman curated collection is some really bright solids and then having an awesome sale some of this stuff is still available so that maybe not i’m going to try to link what I can below in the description box so if you’re interested in it but go ahead and check out the craftsy website they have sales all the time on fabric notions everything on-site really great deal and you can get my source a lot of my stuff from there so I didn’t really need this but it was like for anything forty percent off so I thought you know why not i can always use a really fun colorful jellyroll I don’t know what I’m going to do with yet but I have it so this is the jelly roll right next we have all right so i use aurifil thread a lot and I have a lot of loose spools rolling around so I notice crafting sewing this little storage box i think it was about six dollars so i decided to pick it up just because it would make you put my thread in it a lot easier yeah i can see me do that right so that is my next purchase and I can’t wait to get my threads loaded in here i also have this really fun knit fabric this is a robert kaufman knit I don’t know if they still have it is but I got a really great deal this is about like six or seven dollars per yard ok I don’t know really where we were but my camera just died so i am back and I love this fabric this is sort of like a turquoise print with that white cross the body and white pluses or whatever and it all cotton is a hundred cotton which is something i prefer and robert kaufman so actually go ahead and pre-wash this very soon and I’m hoping to make some real comfy separates so i think i’m going to try to make some like leggings are pants out of this and the Linden Sweatshirt top of it but i’m going to make the mid length with the sleeves with the lovely and try to do that this will give me my wearable muslin because i also got some art gallery fabric prints that were a lot more expensive but first i’m actually going to try out my patterns on this first and see if it works because the backups are kind of similar so if it works with this print omec with the line is this is robert kaufman ok the designer super name is and Ann Kelle for robert kaufman and doesn’t really have ok it’s called remix knits whatever that means but it is designed 152 27 but i think it will be really fun and again this is going to be my wearable muslin for making some wagons and a top out so we’ll see how that goes okay next up so i have the smaller version of the clover hot hemmer and i love it i use it all the time to help me press the hem and help me like if I need to iron something an inch over whatever you can also do mitered corners but I saw that craftsy has bigger version so i thought i would give it a try to take this out of the package no okay okay we go so this is for measuring measuring marketing folding pressing deep happens longtime minor flowers and this whatever this is made up a time of them start like but its heat resistant so you can iron over it and it won’t hurt the hemmer okay here we go so this is what its ok fine just make out what it looks like and the regular hot hemmer that have is a different shape it’s more like it’s got like a corner on it this is more like us just a straight-up ruler but it is about like the hot hemmer only goes to about here this is a bit longer through this I think will be a another new addition to the craft room and then I often got I want to try this version this is the clover air soluble marker i love purple air soluble markers they’re really the only thing I used for marking anymore but i thought i would try this one it was about five dollars so i figure you know what text and then I was added I do you get like a bunch of these invisible zippers and maybe for like these were all under two dollars i got all invisible difference i’ve been working with invisible zippers more lately i do have been invisible zipper foot for my sewing machine and I got this in several different colors just have some more invisible zippers and either vice coats and clothes and my craft haul for you I’m i know i said i would really try to cut down the shopping I haven’t been doing too well so far so I’m going to try to do better for the rest of the year but I figured my weakness is your gain i’ll share it anyways you know whatever just you know I gotta be honest here you know i’m not going to be like no I inviting fabrics because I I totally did so and I can’t say I regret it because i really like all this stuff but share with me you know what ru I is there anything on your wish list right now for the sewing room you know share it below and also let me know have you tried out knit fabrics giving me tips or sewing with knits because i am okay with that i have a serger and i use you know right here i do use it but i feel like i can get better with sewing knits so that’s it for me i will see you next time oh yeah