Couching on Sewing Machine

In this video I’m going to show you how
to do coaching on your sewing machine every single Wednesday I show you how to
use your sewing machine and simple sewing tips and tricks so as you can see
I’ve hooped this fabric up and it’s just so I can move it about really easily
I’ve also drawn a template of a heart onto my fabric just so I can guide my
thread around really easily I also have this twine that I’m going to be using I
did use some embroidery floss but I found it to be a little bit too thin so
you want something like a yarn to do the couching with. So the couching setting
is setting number 44 and it’s foot J and these are the factory settings if you
need to make it wider or skinnier then you can do so with your settings and
we’ll leave them exactly how they are. So I’m just going to set myself up here
with the end of this twine I was going to get it under my presser foot I’m
going to drop it down and I’m going to leave it in the needle down position I’m
basically just going to follow the design of my heart and I’m just going to start
stitching all the way around now you can go as fast or as slow as you want. Around
these tight curves it gets a little bit more tricky I’m going to turn around I’m going to go all
the way down here you would obviously take a bit more time doing this but I’m
just going really quick for this demonstration so just going to follow all
the way along here with my pencil line for the outline of this part. Have I got
your brain thinking about all the things that you could do with this? You could
put this on the card. Sorry my fingers went were in the way there we’ll keep going all the way
around Obviously it just gets a bit more trickier as
you’re going around these tighter corners. Move this out of the way, and
turn this around. They do actually come with couching feet so you can get
that from your sewing machine supplier because I have seen them. Come all the
way around here I’m just gonna finish this heart off here come over a little bit and I’m just going to reinforce that stitch in. Like seriously how cute is this and it took me no time
at all, you could put this on paper you could make like little tags for
birthday presents or Christmas presents like it’s endless. How quick and easy and
simple was this to make! Let me know in the comments down below if this project has
inspired you to do a project and let me know what you’re going to put it on and
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thank you so much for watching bye