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welcome to the Sewing Report I’m Jennifer
Moore helping you discover your love of sewing crafts in DIY projects and this
episode is going to talk all about choosing fabrics now I know when you’re
just starting out it can be a little bit tricky to figure out which fabrics go
together so I’m gonna walk you through my own
journey and I’m gonna tell you basically what I’m doing a project or quilt how I
figure out which fabrics go together there are a few different terms for this
sometimes this is referred to as a fabric pull and you’ll see lots of posts
on Instagram about that so if you’re looking for inspiration that can be a
great place to go also fabric curation so in full context
I really have no like interior design skills or an eye for that sort of thing
so please don’t think I’m an expert because I am certainly not but I’ve been
sewing for about four or five years and over time you just get better at it so
at first I would save mine I for choosing fabrics was not awesome
sometimes when I would complete a project I’d be like yeah doesn’t look
quite how I thought it would and some of the fabrics just didn’t really mesh well
together and as you know fabric can be expensive so you don’t really want to
waste money and fabric on projects that don’t turn out the way you wanted them
to so if you’re just starting out and you don’t really feel confident in
choosing your own fabrics here’s a few recommendations you might want to go
with just a complete collection this is jennifer Sam who’s shimmer – I love this
line and they sell fat quarter packs so this is a jelly roll or charm packs and
you get all of the fabrics from the collection in one bundle you get smaller
amounts so you can do a project like this would be great for a quilt or
another smaller project using two and a half inch strips this is called a charm
pack this is a common term for five inch squares and this one is from a Carolyn
Friedlander line called kar Chi and you get all of the prints from her whole
collection in one little bundle so you know all of these fabrics are going to
go together and it’s very convenient and easy okay so let’s say you’re feeling a
little more confident about choosing your own fabrics where do you go next
you want to start with a project of all
solids this a fat quarter shop tropical pelt this would be great and you could
add a few more fabrics and you could add maybe some Gray’s or some other colors
kind of within this whole realm I probably wouldn’t add saying like a dark
brown but you may be able to add a lime green or something kind of similar in
the neighborhood of these colors but you don’t really want to go like if your
pull is all pastels you don’t want to add something like navy blue that’s
probably not gonna go too well if I was going to add one or two prints I might
consider say this one with Pegasus’s it’s got similar colors as these blues
but it’s not too crazy for the palette I probably would not add fabric like this
navy blue print just because it’s so outside the neighborhood of everything
else in this palette that again this is probably not the best choice at least
firm for my projects but here’s the thing everybody’s got different tastes
so something that one person does not like might be something you love and you
need to love the project and that’s the most important so let’s take a look at
some other fabrics cotton and steel always a great go-to and what I like
about this whole brand again now they’re changing to Ruby star societies so all
the gals migrated over there but everything in the cotton in steel line
went together these are all cotton and steel prints and you could put these
together in a project and they would all look fantastic
they look intentional so that is one good thing you could go with the line
like cotton and steel just again keep in mind there now Ruby star society but
everything they make just goes perfectly together down the line you’re just going
to start feeling more and more comfortable with this whole process and
trust me your projects will start to look a lot more cohesive in terms of the
fabric so I’m going to kind of do a fabric pull right here so what do I feel
like goes together I’ve got all kinds of different lines this is cloud9 organic
and I’ve got some tulip ink here so what would I put together so I really like
anything with navy blue so sometimes when I’m doing a fabric pull I’ll kind
of look at a print and see what colors are
them some of them may be kind of minor colors but this is a good opportunity to
to kind of maybe pick from there so see these like little gold crosses in here I
might choose a gold print to go with this
this horse print goes really well with this geometric print that’s mint green
and gold because they kind of tie in together it will they are both cotton
and steel but they both have gold in it all right let’s do another one and if I
was gonna add another fabric to this this one kind of goes but I also don’t
want the prints to be competing with each other if I was doing a project with
this horse print I probably would not add the Tula pink cat fabric they’re
both just really bold prints and I think they would clash plus the colors don’t
really go together now take this other Tula pink fabric and
it goes perfectly with the cats these are coordinating and they are from
the same collection but look how much nicer this just pairs together and now
if I was looking for another print to pair with these cats
I would probably choose something a little more low volume like this other
cotton and steel print in kind of the turquoise color are aqua
there’s aqua in the cat print so that goes pretty well together
another fabric I might consider with this is maybe like a lime green maybe a
solid or a lime green low volume print I think that would go well since there is
lime green in the cat print so also some of these fabrics might go OK with it as
well something I probably would not do is pair a bunch of animal prints
together like look at these all together they just they kind of clash they’re all
kind of competing for attention and your eye is kind of drawn everywhere this
probably would not be a good compilation for fabric something I also do when I’m
trying to coordinate fabric is look at the metallics
so this cotton in steel print has silver metallics so if I have any other prints
with silver metallics they might go well together like you could definitely put
this print in with the Jennifer Sampou shimmer to collection because they both
have silver metallics same thing with gold metallics this countenance sealed
low volume print has gold sea could really choose anything else that
has gold metallics and they would probably complement each other pretty
well another tactic you could take is to pair a bold print like say this a lily
pad fabric also this snail fabric this is from the same collection you could
take these two and then surround it with low-volume kind of neutrals so say you
did like white or Grey’s you could just kind of round out the project and do a
lot of other low volume prints with these two so that these two prints get
most of the attention but they’re surrounded by fabrics that kind of don’t
detract and don’t really add to it but are just kind of they’re my mindset
towards fabric pulls does differ also depending on how many fabrics I need for
project if I need say three fabrics to make a tote bag I’m gonna take that
approach a little bit differently than if I’m doing a quilt and I need lots and
lots of smaller pieces for that quilt made up of like 30 to 50 fabrics often
you can kind of hide a lot more and you can incorporate more fabrics in a large
project that has a ton of different things going on so that’s just a little
bit of a look into my fabric coordination when I’m doing these
projects and right now I’m gonna insert a few photos of just some fabric poles
I’m doing just with the stuff I’ve got in my stash anyways I hope this helps
all of you out there if you have trouble picking fabric for your sewing and
quilting projects believe me I know how you feel and I’ve definitely been there
and it does get better and if you’re looking for something else to watch next
I’m gonna link another video about sewing and quilting up here if you like
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