Como hacer un Porta cubiertos en Telas (diy) Costura, Patchwork, Facil y Ecológico

hello everyone I’m Luis from the pussycat
Sanchez and this week I bring you a very simple tutorial, is this portal
covered in which is completely made in fabric. with lining in which
you can perfectly take your covered to work or send them
covered your children this to protect to the planet and not use the cutlery
disposable then we can here carry in a pretty little bag with the cloth
of our choice is a project that they make me believe me less than 15 minutes like this
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I hope you enjoy it a lot honey for all of you for this project what are going to
need are two pieces of cloth from approximately 7.5 centimeters wide
by 56 inches long are approximately 3 inches wide by
22 inches long this is going to use one for your outer fabric and
another for your inner fabric the width if it is a fixed width that yes them
can serve everyone however the long will depend a lot on the size of
the cutlery that you go to use if they have silverware that are more
long since they are likely to occupy a bigger piece then the way
measure it and check if this reaches them is place the cover thus seeing that the
how exact upload it and make sure that if we double it
back we have a little piece of at least 4 or 5 fingers that we can bend
as a capita ok then if the fabric it reaches us perfect if it turns out that its
spoon and fork are longer they are going to occupy a piece of fabric longer
so that’s it Oh, you can measure it but good
this would be a standard measure as they I said 56 centimeters
The first thing we are going to do is locate it this way we are going to place it like this the two pieces and we are going to cut from one end
let’s cut about 5 centimeters
in inches this represents a measurement of approximately 2 inches okay the piece of outer fabric what
we can discard the piece of cloth inside as we have already done in other
Sometimes we will proceed to double in half like this in this way
they can take it to the plate if they like then each of the sides bending
to the center well and this one also
they fold them to the center and then they turn it to fold in half so that
make a small ribbon that goes to be the one to help us sustain in this way here I have one ready that
will sustain us the lid of our container ok a
once they have it so folded the iron and we will pass a seam to each one
from the sides like this in this way can see the two seams
Now what we are going to do is take the remaining pieces of cloth are going to
place face to face so one versus another and we are going to sew this end and this
end with a quarter of an inch backing down at the beginning and at
final so in this way see how easy
recoil we met and again recoil that we did to both sides now I’m going to
pull the fabric a little bit to be able to open it
I open my sewing in this way with the nail nothing more for
that is open from side to side what I repeat on the other side and once I’ve done this I’m going to
return it to the right I simply give it back, see that this is what I look like
circle I turn it to the right and now I’m going to
fold it right in the seam no what
in this way I make sure to take it to the plate
that this fold is well marked So then we have the fabric of the
right on one side of the lining fabric for the other
done this I take it to the machine sew and I’m going to pass a seam here
near the edge on this side and the sewing with
recoil near nor is on the edge of this I do not have sewing
Now what I’m going to take will be the little piece of cloth
and I’m going to place it below the sewing more or less to one centimeter
Oh and with my machine I will spend nothing more
a few stitches on each side to that holds in place more or less
one finger below the seam that we did we put our band-aid and the
we sew this way Now what we do is take our
covered we put them more or less aligned where we want them to remain
almost always the knife is the longest is what we want to cover well
and we are going to double the surplus towards up this way
then I already know that more or less here down is where I have to fold them
in this way and I will place then
pins that mark me that doubles A) Yes
and on the other side too that is left marked the bend this way of guidance then I know that
this is where the fold goes now I’m going to take this part
and the buoy to the side that has the band aid I do not touch the side that has the part
open that we have not known here I’m going to turn around they see it
and I’m going to make it go under so that the part that are those of the
together you get in the middle
of the two fabrics that I’m opening in this way they see it
A) Yes it is clear
here is where the fold goes and this is going to be over they see him here is the fold
here is the strip well placed and here below is where we had put
Band-aid so that we form the bag where our cutlery go
we lie down well we plan it we make sure that it is
all well aligned at both ends and now let’s go to the sewing machine
and we sew this side doing the recoil at the beginning and end and this
other side doing the backward movement to beginning and in this space
in the space that we leave here that is above where the fabric is folded
let’s leave a small space for the which we are going to turn our project
then we go sewing we leave a small space of about three
fingers and we continue once they did the sewing
by staying in this open space to here we are going to carefully introduce the
fingers and your finger we’re going to put it here at center let’s feel the division the
let’s put on the side of the cloth Exterior
let’s go to the end well I forgot that this is an important step
what we have done on other occasions take the scissors first
and cut the corner without cutting the sewing this is so that when you flip it
reduce reduce the amount of fabric what’s in those corners ok now if
we introduce our finger we go glued and on the side of the outer fabric
we open and through that space we are going to
flip our project see it we take them out with care through the hole we left
and we turn it over completely taking care not to break seams and with
patience A) Yes and they can take a Chinese toothpick
like these we introduce it through the hole and with
this let’s make sure that the seams are well defined we’re going
to shape the tips in all the sides so that they are well marked
above also young
in this way and very easy
here is already our little bag ready what only thing that remains is to close the
space where we turned around but see that if I pulled him towards that
the sides the fabric almost going away by itself inside he just assured me that the
fold is equal to my seam allowance and that the fabric will look straight from this
way I have done that
like the iron and I’m going to give it shape so that it is well marked that doubles and also so that all the
Well marked sides ok we are doing that calmly
this way with steam
okay so that it fits well plan and pto here you can see how easy it is ready
our little box now this step what follows will be to close this opening
ok they can close it by hand with stitch invisible and this I have shown them in
a video that I leave here and the other option is
Do not close it by hand, leave it like that and let’s go to go to the sewing machine and we’re going to
start at this extreme near the edge with a seam going up
we passed over the opening we turned in the corners and turning and
we go down and when doing this the sewing and that’s how our
project already with sewing to near the edge see how nice is ahead
behind completely the lining without no visible seam now
we just have to introduce our silverware with our cutlery
and to close it the way we do will simply put this flap
under the plaster well this way and it’s ready to
bring our cutlery to work school and avoid being carrying
plastic cutlery and take care of the planet remember that I had taught them
make the tablecloth milestone for sandwiches and I had also taught them how to make a
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