Cómo Hacer un Cuadro Navideño en Patchwork sin aguja 3D

Hello my creative people as you could see
deep down I have a beautiful picture made with patchwork technique and 3d is a
picture that we will teach to elaborate on this time I hope you enjoy it
enough to accompany us until final and don’t miss anything from this video
good friends for our project then we will use the sheet of
porexpan or icopor as you know it in your country is going to be a caliber of 4
centimeters and will have a measure of 50 for a meter here how can you see now
I have the design located this design I will elaborate and I will let you
I will leave in the description of the video so you can download it
easily from this same design then let’s cut the pieces to
take them as a mold to be able to elaborate the picture then here you guys already
you can see I have published what is there to keep in mind is to leave a
distance the size of the inner box will have we will consider
then they should not leave a distance of 6 centimeters from the end towards
in this then let’s let that that frame but then to this frame
internally we will take another 2 centimeters and it’s really going to be
4 centimeters and another 2 centimeters we are going to take out the molds and here I am going
to show that as I already have it marked I have in all the contour because a frame
of 4 another of 2 and from the back we will also mark a frame of 2
centimeters ready then some guides are going to be made
with which we will work more forward to take out the molds then
we can help each other with scissors or a cutter can be such an exact tip
spear let’s take out let’s take into account
trim each piece independently ready then here
we see the glove this piece here all the pieces are independent of everything from
all square ready then let’s except the part of the face you are not
we will take them into account neither these two buttons this is just to know
where are we going to locate the face of the eyes and mind remains and let’s cut everything
as I am mentioning in the part of the tree also our part of
the gifts we will trim the outline we will consider it soon this
casino part the shape of the outline also and in the part of the chimney
we will also cut out what are the candles this part of here but the one that
corresponds to the bricks let’s cut a piece complete the part of
indoors let’s cut individual
after we have cut this then we will work on the
sheet d I get busy
well friends here I already cut all sidewalk pieces I’m going to show a little more
up close so they see how it should be then here independently too
I made them a guide a brand with a number for you to have the
sequence of how to arm anyway the photo also remain in the description
of the video with the number guide different that posters can see this
all marked also to know what it is the front part ready then already
With these templates we can start draw over the beak by
to transfer the design to our porexpan sheet what we are going to do
is to take each piece and we will superimpose trying to put it together like it’s a
puzzle ready then we post first the parts of the corners that
They give us a very good guide for continue then let’s go marking
the piece the shape of each piece then let’s talk first as tension or
those of the corners who are going to give us one more guide
exact to go placing the others of all of them are marked with
numbers but we can place them as best to
you think you are going to have that then this way we go
taking out the design gradually that we are marking each piece friends as we transfer
the design as I had told them then there is a tip that I love you
give is that when we place the pieces and we go
transferring then what we do is fix them with the pins as well as
you can see here so that the pieces do not move and
we can transfer whatever we have left as accurate as possible to the design or
molds we have that then this principle of the wanted to give so that
keep in mind and use it friends here I am finishing almost
transfer the entire design to our base of ‘ko’ by then I wanted to show you
a little more about this procedure so as you can see here
I am placing each piece and fixed it with some pins as well as there were
mentioned then simply we continue to do the design in this
case for the candle do not remove the little piece up here we can
divide if then here I already did it is simply the only thing that only
look good in the sequence
and fixed it with a pin I continue the He drew
every time we put a piece we go tracing the part that is left
ready let’s say this part is left at home
here I will do this I will have the complete sequence of all this part
here for example i’m going to take this another piece placed it so it is with all the
other pieces ready or fixed
and here I no longer have to draw the part from above because obviously with the other
piece was already marked no so
what I’m going to do is and draw the bottom
and then have a good time for example we are finishing with this
other so here in this part well
had drawn then it is already drawn such a quick explanation so that
you understand well what is here then we also set out
already draw this part this is when drawing that part then placed this
I draw this part of here and so consecutively we are finishing
our dv of transferring the design
well folks now we’re going back all pins these pieces then as the bottom this trade mark
the drawing appears above or the outline of the design of and we will do
so I wanted to show you to withdraw us it will look like this then we have all
the complete figure after having retired then already
all the pieces of the poliespan or the ccoo sheet by big then now
we will take the ico mine for more more narrow this time has a caliber of two
centimeters in using two two and a half the two centimeters are very good and
here we will reassemble but only the snowman and in another
piece let’s just assemble the tree of Christmas let’s go somewhere
so that we are going to do in these pieces of porexpan the tree part of
Christmas we will also consider to bring the gifts then those
they will also be included then just as we did in the other place
first the base that is like the yolks most importantly let’s mark here on
all this contour and like we did with the other one let’s go putting it together
little by little in the same way with pins
we are fixing the piece this then so we will do it until we complete
this part is the same with the tree of Christmas
friends wanted to show you something like them had said then we put together all the
pieces in the same way as we did in the only one big to get the
mold each ready but then I wanted to show you that in this piece of
50 centimeters by 41 you prefer approximately
41 in 50 x 41 I take care of what the doll is
of armed snow in order but also I could locate the tree parts of
Christmas so can be the mess also because in the end this after
that we remove all the molds with a lot careful let’s cut the pieces
individually also in the by extract this then to give them a
effect with volume to the character that let’s make them then in this
occasion this inco because we are going to trim each piece individually
after we have already taken out then I wanted to show you that we can take advantage
so not to waste more material ready here then already remove all
pieces all the molds and so it already performs that is transferred perfect
and then to make these cuts I’m going to use a scalpel or cutter tip
spear is this type of instrument and for that then I will not help with a
little box can be then can get a little box to place this and
have height ready then when already have what we are going to height
to do is to cut slowly to take out each piece
we can take start in order and we just go straight on what
we are passing trying to cut this straight we have taken care that the pieces come out
with the way we already had drawn
and we are taking out the middle blade we were cutting where it reaches a
set and where it ends here by example this curve finished then
we remove them we introduce it again looking for the way again these pieces are a bit left
confidants will not affect much either but you have to try to make the cut
straight yes
we go looking for the figure this cut and how much we have left
a little here but this step we look at the corners is usually where ensure that the cut is well done to
that at the time of taking out the piece no no let’s break it and we already have it and I will stay a little like that but no
it matters because we are going to cover this with but then let’s try
take out the way we draw this well friends here then I’m done
cut all the pieces individually and the envelope I put here on the basis of
icopor so we can see how the form is and how it should be here we already have the
snowman the christmas tree and the gifts that are the pieces that we go
to work with volume just these two figures then I wanted to show you
here already at the bottom a little detail suddenly if you
I became a little bigger some piece then with the cutter what
we can lower a bit so that we I got a little better that fits us well
with the drawing we have below a little tic now what are we going to
do is with a spearhead cutter with this kind of scalpel cutter like what
call you we will introduce it in all the drawing in all the design that
we have here and by the margins that we did also let’s introduce it
this has a tip here preferably up to this point this
here this has a way like that preferably anyway and what
introduce full as it is not going to damage either because it’s the blade is
wide is not going to get through then simply what we are going to
do is start introducing them and delineate with him let’s delineate all the
form all the design we have here so that they see better how I do it, I’m going
to show here more closely then we put the cutter and we go
thus entering in a straight way if we we must tilt it but in a way
straight come on outlining the whole drawing and the margins
we had already done well good friends here then I finished delineating
all the design with the scalpel now so what we are going to do is
select the fabrics and colors that we will use to decorate our
our design ready then for that I want to show you we will use the
same molds that were from since what we did here to place them on
the fabrics and likewise cut the shapes for example in this in this mold all
We are going to cut these pieces leaving approximately two centimeters of
additional fabric ready then let’s keep in mind that each of the
pieces leave two centimeters in the outline of each of these
except for the ones we are going to use for the doll and for the tree of
christmas with the trees those fabrics already they should leave a little more than
away for example in these fabrics we are going to leave 4 centimeters because
it needs 2 additional centimeters that is from the ico because we are going to place here
on it they have 2 centimeters and another 2 or approximately that can be
use to enter remember then the snowman the
Christmas tree and gifts we go to take into account in those molds we are going to
leave an additional four centimeters fabric ready
already for the rest, as there were mentioned if it’s two centimeters nothing
more I wanted to show you also that there are some molds that are big but I
divide for example here is a very piece great then what I did was divide
the mold and is marked with it number we take all these molds I know
I will leave them in the description of video so you can
easily download then after having this we are going to
look at the fireplace and the window these two molds don’t cut them because
they are very small pieces then by example with the fireplace what I’m going to
do is simply take the same measures or approximate does not have to be
so exact we are going to
to plot directly in the ico by after doing what is drawn in the ico
body again we carve with the scalpel
that would be for these pieces and with the fabric that we are going to place then
they know each square with two centimeters additional approximately
for the for the window no no so cut by the molds because
it’s just cut the color strips that we will use within the framework of the
window same space is already left additional
of fabric and cut into straight strips good friends already having all these
fabric molds ready then let’s take the same molds
we will remove from the fabric and each mold we will locate it I will
use this called wadding is a material they use for bedspreads
to possess and gifts to use as of filling then of these pieces I’m going
to cut I will use the mold to cut each again ready
so here we don’t have to leave additional nothing we just take the
mold and let’s cut a figure similar to this already in the same way
this is to place the filling then if we want a little more
bulky we can get a petticoat nor thicker can also
use cotton if you want siliconized cotton or if they suddenly have
drops and use two pieces of the same to give more thickness of your friend
now let’s do all this process
friends a recommendation that I love them give is that when we have the fabric
cut and we have also cut the filling if it is in this case is the
waddle then with a crochet let’s try to keep both together ready to
that later we will not be confused and it’s a bit complicated then of this
way we will have it organized all the pieces already with their good stuffing
here I finished organizing all the pieces with your stuffing ready there are some
pieces that I put a little more than stuffed or thicker as per
example is also the doll’s head of snow then what is the body
From the snowman to the Christmas tree and the snowman gloves
place double double layer ready for be more filled with the rest all
other pieces are left with the filling normal here are you can see this
fabric that I have not cut exploded to final as I had mentioned
we cut each piece with its respective surplus that is easier to do now
when we are introducing it and these pieces are those of the windows
the strips and we cut strips also filled in to place at the time
we will introduce it but before that let’s take the sheet
large with the help of a stick skewer let’s go placing the
electrical installation put on the lights Christmas for this I’m going to be the
mechanism of the mechanism and the plug so this part we are going to review
your destiny for late to stay here next door and
already with this with this mechanism of this side let’s go see where each light goes
as we create we are extending the installation with the skewer stick
we are making a hole where it goes to enter every night
then we are just going to do carefully so that it fits us well
tempered for example here a light matches
then I’m going to make a hole that go through the amia then we are going to place the lights
in this small margin that we have in all the contour and then we go
to be distributed by being able to place a light here on every candle
here in this part in the fireplace in the fire and then the lights pass here to
Christmas tree ready friends I wanted to show you how I did
the distribution of the connection so that you see how it looks better then
here we already know that the system the control then we distribute everything
this place it here in front but these cables are going to go for the part of
back ready but then to distribute and make the holes then
look here goes the whole sequence yes in the frame when I get here to this
part then went down a bit and sent it for candles here you will place in
Las Vegas’ also with some lights here in this part of the body and I upload it a
little bit down here and I climb it to the fireplace here I do two
holes for you can enter two lights from here in this part if it is already
release the installation remember this goes behind and here I made one more hole
great so that when we have all these little lights we have called them
introduced from the back we will introduce the installation and the
let’s get this part ready now after we have this here
so let’s make the holes but in these pieces of the tree of
christmas then i will pass the lights from the back and I show you
how are we doing here ready after introduce the lights on the part of
back like this we should stay and here in the tree part for
distribute the lights then look here as you could see we took the installation
and we will take each of the pieces more or less guiding us where we want
left in this part of the lights that they look great then we can
distribute the best then let’s say we put it here as well
and mark where we want to do the holes for us to be distributed
So in this way and in the same way as
we did the other one then come on to go through this these little holes should look good on
cheated then we must do so to each one in the same way I did with the
others so there are no bits left the ico by clogging ready then
we will do this with all the pieces of the then with the pencil we mark so
the lights reach us and then the we introduce from behind already in the moment
that we are going to start working this part to cover it with the fabric
to start assembling the picture we will use or we will need a
lima parrot beak is called here like that I don’t know how you know her but it’s
a file that has this shape this then we will use it for this
part and already having the pieces located we are going to take piece by piece
so for example here this section It was a single mold and divided into three
pieces so that there is not such a piece big
already in this part then what are we going to do is take the stuffing and the cloth and
we are going to start placing them for example first we place
the filling to place the fabrics and that distributed
the cloth everywhere and what we do is
start introducing the fabric of this shape we go looking where we did
the cut and we will be introducing slowly is In this way we will perform
assemble all the pieces then carefully let’s see where it goes
in the guide and we are introducing slowly good friends and that’s how it looks
our picture look with what all the pieces of our base only
leave these that are the ones that are high relief well now let’s work on
they put this frame and this one we left this at the end then a
recommendation that I give them is that when introduce the fabric we always go from
new to the lima peak of gold for make the fabric so that the two fabrics
that are while very well and already to start assembling these pieces or
these figures that are in high relief then let’s take
fill the fabric and the piece of icopor that we had already done this is already has the
lights installation holes then we will simply introduce
lights we will be introducing and placing the
piece we put the filling
you want you can skip the filling if you do not want to place it and we will
place well distributed so the fabric well distributed to the sides and with
all the pieces in position then let’s start introducing the fabric
for the slots we had already made then we are doing well
also in and here in this part look why that had to be long the
fabric for her to reach this then we are introducing
there are some parts where soon there is much fabric then
for the same thing I did with these pieces no yes you see that there are leftover pieces of
fabric then we cut and continue introducing the piece yes what are we going to do here in this part
where is the cable for this part which is internal we can make a small
cut on the fabric so that when he enters then that the
free cable it gives us the space to continue
introducing the fabric looking for the way we are introducing
carefully that looks good so that later
will be released then we do this procedure with
all the other friend pieces I get I forgot to mention that when we go to
place the fabric that follows the piece then we will put the first
let’s introduce first for example in this case then what do we need to do
we cut that cut where I don’t know they need or we don’t cut then
first let’s introduce the fabric here on top to make us more comfortable is
to work so
So we place the comfort piece
it is easier for us to introduce by the sides
on the outside these parts internal are more uncomfortable for
work them as I had already mentioned we do
we reduce the lights learning where the father leave it
then we make the cut of the fabric that yes here we are fine
we are going to continue introducing the fabric as they had
shown at the beginning friends in this last part of the tree the
piece down then I wanted show them how we should do with these
spaces left here ready then here we introduce both sides and
we realize what space we do a cut in the center of that space
but considering that when what let’s lower the cut here on the
flake ready that we will not be able get the cut up then
we make a small cut and we go calculating here in this part also the
another space we cut we measure the point if you need a
little else like that in this part of here this part if already
Enter normal and I wanted to give them a as we place the pieces of
soon sometimes we stretch the fabric and we are left over pieces of cloth and
then we are accommodating with the scissors all the pieces that we go
placing well so the tree is over
as we have lined it ready now I want show them the snowman already here what
I have advance I wanted to give you a little guy when we go with what they have
placing the pieces of icopor in occasions suddenly so there is so much
fabric sometimes they won’t match us well as we had done at the beginning
ready then what we can do is that with the cutter we can cut a little
and make them look good seen by example in this I also did it in
I have done many of them but then we take into account that the pieces to
times as as mentioned by the web sometimes we don’t get tired well then
we do this procedure here already takes advanced then you know that all the
fabric we are placing it in sequence good well friends here as you can see now
I finished assembling our entire picture We finish placing all the well
pieces now what follows is to do the decoration of this then here as
you can see I have the smile ready of the snowman this I will do
with these little balls you can get in the stores option to
would visit so let’s take several balls
black and with a pin we are going to insert it giving a suitable way to
the smile and ready then let’s leave the pin there and later what
let’s hit then we put together first that the rest here I will show you
all the materials that I will use to decorate our painting then I go
to use Christmas buttons and I’m going to need also half ball buttons
this is called half ball button which is for the eyes also buttons like that
colors a pom pom we will also need some orange fabric in this
way to arm the nose we will make applications like this later
how are you stars to use gold ribbon laces
different caliber some bells with
with a small one with red cited cord and ribbons of different tones ready
then with this we will start decorate our picture
to start decorating our painting then I will start with the chimney
we must turn on the lights to know in where are the lights so that
when we place the ornaments do not cover you’re where larios comes out ready
so the first thing I’m going to do is take golden cord this is the cord
thinner than I have the other thicker and I will look here to do this form and
let’s make the shape as garland we are going to measure it and then we can
cut and that we are well ready then we are going to stick it in a tip
With the silicone we stick on the tips to give us this way that fits us like this
and on each tip we are going to paste a decorative button
I think here let’s do this so that the
fireplace we are left with this decoration this then we do this way we paste
the buttons for this part then I go to get or if you want them
elaborate then we get a little star in this case I got this
I’m going to paste it here for now only I’m going to put things and then
we can paste them ready the bells are like that always considering where the
light we are going to stick the bells so
we have everything left and well distributed here I have these buttons these little buttons in the back I
he took the s the hoop they have for when they are going to
know then what I do with the cutter is to take that away so that I stay
flat if we are distributing that all who don’t get piled up ready
I know it I’m going to place other stars that already
had for this creativity issue you are doing well as they like if not
they want to place differently this would be the case
to the tree to the fireplace and for this to the gifts then I will use
these tapes are cloth tapes and just what we are going to do is
introduce the we can apply a bit of silicone if we want too but
let’s introduce and cut the piece we need
to make it look good between two children like this in this case of the
same tape I make a little doll we will use different colors
of tape to which you will get
it’s just collate the colors give it a good combination real
in this case I will do I’m going to do it so it crosses remember that we cut the piece here
I’m just showing you how I’m going to do one
with this other colored ribbon see also how far is love and introduce it this way like
the little ones and look how they look good decorate
this would correspond to the chimney and the
Christmas tree already for the doll so here you can see where
go the buttons let’s locate the first and let’s make a small
mark with a pencil and be point for these are half wave buttons
so let’s apply the silicone and when we paste it we will
hold enough until the film seen this is required that when
let’s apply silicone hold quite the button so he set it very
well and how eating has this way from behind he’s going to push this
so that it doesn’t happen if I don’t know go take off
we do what I say we apply we hold enough already when it’s ok
fixed very dry within the country and already we can release with the little buttons of the
with the mouth balls as they had explained we applied a small
point like this has a pin then then press and then
we can even leave the pin there we can introduce it in me and leave it
there if you want or if you want it withdraw also
and for the nose then we have this way I’m going to leave the
mold anyway with the measure we go to simply roll up this one
piece this we roll it up to form
this beautiful here already in the final part let’s apply some silicone so that we stay more with this form if
suddenly we see that it is very long then after hitting it
we cut and put it to the extent that we like it after that we apply the
silicone here we are going to paste it in the position that is
for this part I will also use golden cord some golden cord
and a little piece and I’m going to paste it in this part stick buttons you will use
colored or black buttons like more like it I will also use a
gold ribbon placed on the gold ribbon here is
other part too we are going to make a bun with it
tape and this beautiful we are going to paste in this part I will also use another
little star to stick it here in the union and a pompom to stick it here in the
hat to give us more decoration to fit us better
this would correspond to the doll of ship was something that usually forgotten
mention them also for the tree this is additional if you want it
I will take this cord golden that is thicker and I’m going to
paste in this part to give us a touch
of elegance and what more decorated
in this part of the christmas tree so here in the unions
I’m going to place this cord obviously we cut the piece and we will fix it well when we cut
here the pieces then we are going to introduce well so they don’t stay
seeing the tips if you want they can apply a silicone dot on
the end to fix it view this would be and now then yes
we can proceed to paste it as it is with hot silicone
ready friends here then I’m done place all the decoration of our
picture as it should here in gloves and a drawstring
additional that I hadn’t told them with a situation of the rest mayor to
be all the mentioned areas so now all we need is
place the frame back we will place in the part of
behind we will also place a so
for the framework we will consider the measure of the front frame of this
part and in the back then here we leave 4 centimeters
here it goes down another 4 and we are adding to find out what media is on the web and
back here remember that we leave a margin of two
centimeters then they are 10 centimeters 4, 4 and 2 are 10 centimeters and we will
leave additional fabric to be able to enter let’s leave 2 to 2
centimeters and a half on each side ready then to that extent we are going to
increase 2 centimeters or two and a half it will be 15 to 14 centimeters
the width of the fabric that we are going to need to cover the frame and its
candy that will go like this in this case I chose this fabric is a
vinotinto color is in suede but you put the fabric that most
like it ready then let’s cut the measure plus two and a half centimeters 2 to 2
centimeters look as I tell you then here is one meter then we get to
side and side the same two to two centímetros y medio para poder
introducir esta tela aquí en los extremos entonces voy a hacer un corte
en diagonal miren aquí hago un corte en diagonal en todas las esquinas hago el
corte en diagonal introduciendo el cúter más o menos hasta donde termina el filo
esto lo vamos a hacer no vamos a darle demasiada profundidad es máximo así
hasta donde termina el filo y al otro lado como tenemos un marco de
2 centímetros también entonces ya habíamos introducido acá el cúter y en
la esquina hacemos lo mismo teniendo en cuenta de que aquí en este borde
cuando hagamos el corte también salga el bisturí listo aquí detrás también el
corte esta parte no se nos va adherir porque como aquí tenemos 4 centímetros y
al otro lado 2 pues solamente va a haber una parte pequeña que se va a encontrar
the cuts y el procedimiento para introducir la
tela sería colocamos un trozo de guata o de relleno así que nos dé el mismo
y aquí en diagonal por el corte colocamos la tela que sobrando al lado y
lado los lados que sobran de la misma cantidad entonces aquí lo vamos a
a medida que vamos a sobreponer y aquí vamos a como les digo dejar la
tela que sobre al lado y lado en la misma cantidad
aquí ya sería sol que quede por encima de este esta margen pequeña que hicimos
de recto aquí vamos a doblar buscando el corte en diagonal esto
aquí buscamos el corte en diagonal ya este pedazo le vamos a cortar una
pequeña parte dejando y dejando tela para poder introducir
tenemos así vamos a cortar en diagonal a bit
lo mismo vamos a hacer al otro lado voy a cortar la misma cantidad entonces con
este mismo pedazo teniendo en cuenta del otro lado miramos
primero y cortamos esto pero entonces ya en esta parte vamos a introducir tomando
la lima entonces vamos a dar los dos centímetros
así y vamos a comenzar a introducir la tela de la misma forma como hicimos con
this aquí ya tenemos el corte en diagonal
también lo vamos introduciendo si necesitamos cortar un poco más lo
we make para que nos quede bien acomodado
en este caso aquí vamos introduciendo con cuidado sin demasiada presión en
this part y de esta forma ya vamos acomodando la
tele un poco come on introduciendo así así como hicimos el mismo procedimiento vamos analizando la técnica
vamos introduciendo vamos analizando para que nos quede así y su amigos entonces we will do this procedure with
todo el contorno y en la parte de atrás too bueno amigos antes de terminar quería
mostrarles un poco del procedimiento pues ya al inicio les mostré pero
entonces aquí en las esquinas debemos tener bastante cuidado cuando
introduzcamos la tela de no ir a partir de ésta estas piezas o esta parte que
queda aquí más delgada listo entonces como ya les había mencionado alistamos
la tela la introducimos bien y así queda por el otro lado es un poco a esta parte good
es aquí en esta parte de atrás ya tenemos la guía por donde vamos a
introducir aquí en la esquina so
vamos a tener cuidado de templar y en la tela aquí como les había mencionado al
principio pues cortamos un pedazo para que no nos sobre tanta tela en esta
parte listo sobre todo en estas uniones de esta de estas esquinas
vamos a introducir la tela es un poco complicado para mostrarles pero entonces
voy a tratar de enseñarles cómo es sobre todo aquí en esta esquina
entonces introduce la tela doblamos así para que nos quede algo así más más
fácil para para poderlo meter aquí en this part
del resto el procedimiento pero es el mismo que hemos hecho desde el principio
vamos buscando la viaje ya habíamos hecho vamos
introduciendo la tela la vamos realizando estábamos realizando vamos viendo que no
nos queden arrugas la vamos templando un poco y aquí en esta parte que era lo
principal que les quede mostrar entonces cuando ya se encuentran la tela aquí en
esta parte vamos a cortar un poco no too más o menos vamos a dar un centímetro y
medio de tela y aquí en esta parte es donde vamos a tener especial cuidado
para introducirla para que en estas esquinas nos quede
good el ensamble de las fechas que pronto
we will see una cómoda regla tela para que nos
centre y así esta forma
vamos a acomodar la esquina si ustedes ven que no les está acomodando entonces
le cortan un poco más de tela entonces aquí parece que sí eso es lo que buscamos que nos quede
bien ensamblado que más adelante no se nos vaya a salir la tela
entonces ensamblamos que nos quede bien here
can show quedaron las otras esquinas así que ya las esquinas bien ensambladas
ya terminé de colocar todo lo que corresponde al marco miren cómo se ve
muy bien ahora vamos a trabajar en la back y colocando estas cositas para no
aplazar de pronto la nariz del muñeco para aplastarlas los accesorios que
hemos colocado entonces vamos a ver cuál es la parte de
arriba y vamos a elaborar estas cositas para colgar el cuadro eso entonces aquí
yo hice una marca a 20 centímetros desde el extremo desde el extremo hacia
adentro 20 centímetros y ahí es donde vamos a pegar esto esto simplemente lo
hacemos tomando un cordón de un largo de 20 22 centímetros aplicamos silicona yo
vamos a pegar al canal cm come on a quedar bien resistente para que
podamos colgar el cuadro entonces en la marca que les había dicho lo vamos a pegar vamos a aplicarse y con
estas dos partes o el todo y lo vamos a pegar en esta guía que hicimos a 20
centímetros a ambos lados pero que el cordón no sobrepasen aquí el marco que
nos quede por debajo listo así que simplemente bastante software
5 de la misma manera hacemos al otro lado
que nos quede a la misma altura que el cordón si nos va a quedar aquí en el
borde nos quedaría acá o más abajito y el otro el del otro lado también nos
debe quedar de la misma altura para que no nos vaya
a quedar torcido bueno con estas piezas ya bien pegadas
ahora lo que vamos a hacer es cubrir this part
para eso voy a utilizar una tela que sea del mismo tamaño de todo el contorno
pues ya sobrarían los 2 centímetros que we need
same al contorno el diámetro del del color
a un metro por 50 bueno listo ya teniendo este esta tela
de atrás y puede ser una tela más sencilla más económica
y aquí vamos a tener en cuenta entonces la parte donde va al cordón vamos
tocar aquí donde va al cordón nos vamos a guiar
vamos a hacer una pequeña marca con un White color
donde comienza el cordón here in this part
entonces lo vamos a marcar con la que la puesta aquí tocamos sentimos donde
comienza el cordón marcamos hacen una marca a los dos lados y con el cúter
vamos a hacer un pequeño corte is very large
un pequeño corte a ambos lados para poder sacar el cordón por allí en esta
parte donde el cable también sobresale entonces vamos a hacer un pequeño corte
miren aquí esta parte del cable sobresale
un cortecito para que cuando metamos la tela el pueda quedar libre para que pase
so aquí tomamos el cordón buscamos el
hole finally y después de haber sacado ya las dos
puntas de los cordones ahora sí podemos proceder a introducir la tela como hemos
venido haciéndolo durante todo el process
bueno amigos y así queda terminado ya nuestro cuadro es un diseño original
especialmente hecho para ustedes para que lo pongan en práctica y puedan
decorar sus hogares pero también que les haya agradado el vídeo y si es así
regalarnos tu like y suscríbete si aún no lo has hecho es totalmente gratis
recuerden también activar la campanita para que les llegue la notificación de
cada nuevo vídeo si también los invito a que en su comentario nos interesa saber
su opinión, bueno amigos muchas gracias por acompañarnos y recuerden que
volvemos aquí con más Arte en Tus Manos