Como decorar una toalla (Técnica de applique en Papel Freezer) Patchwork

Hello everyone, I’m Luis from the Mininos de Sanchez and this week I want to show you how to turn a simple towel into a
towel decorated with techniques patchwork also using paper
freezer that is very used in the patchwork to apply techniques
then let’s see how to decorate this step by step in the tutorial
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how well are we going with the tutorial the steps to decorate this towel are
simple see that here it is simply
a piece of paste down here and here the little thing I want can be a heart
a star the reason for apply that you want to put it then what
first thing I’m going to do is take the freezer paper
as you can see they have a roll on one bright side and on the other side
It’s like paper let’s measure with a tape measure
How wide is it our towel and how high are we going to want
how thick we want our fabric strip what is the decorative
with those two measures we are going to cut back a rectangular piece of freezer paper like this
how can you see what will fit perfect to the extent that we have of
our towel ok then the first thing is cut out this piece of paper freezer
that fits exactly to the size of our towel and the width that we want this goes
to be our final mold the other thing that we are going to do also will look for or draw ourselves the
silhouette of what we want for example here I can think of a heart this
I searched the internet I did it at the size that I wanted you can also do it by hand
raised and draw it on paper and they will cut out in freezer paper also ok
This is also cut out on paper breeze then once we have
our two molds let’s proceed to search among our pieces of cloth
some piece that will help us to work let’s take a piece of cloth
and the freezer paper has a great advantage and that the bright part of the
Freezer paper adheres to the fabric easily
I’m going to put it this way took the griddle and by doing this he will adhere
gently to the fabric see how easy in this way once we have it adhered what
we will do will be cut once I have it trimmed we are going to
take a small container and either commercial starch spray or starch
to teach them how to do in this video let’s put it we’re not going to let the foam go
let’s take a brush and here in the case of the figure of the
heart where you try in let’s cut the angle so that we
help and the other places where we go to
cut a little bit is in some of these angles just like for
soften without touching the paper ok ok but very close without touching it
this will help us to keep the better formed silhouette
you do not need many because it’s a big silhouette and you have enough
space to be able to do delimitation
then see let’s take a brush what we wet in the liquid starch
we paint a part of the fabric on the border
we go like this on the edge of the paper on the fabric that I try to wet the
paper as little as possible about everything I’m wanting to paint
It’s the fabric ok the other thing we’re going to need is something
like a chinese stick to help us or if they have something with a tip like a tip
metal or a stiletto is also going to serve but a simple Chinese stick them
is going to help a lot we’re going to take the first the tip and bend it towards
up against paper the paper is going to help keep the form
we iron this is going to make the starch dry
and the fold is there well marked then we will go pulling
so with your fingers feeling the way paper
and I’m going up with the iron on the part of the surface that had wet
with oblivion this to go little by little giving you the
heart shape if you do not want to burn
can go doing and holding with the toothpick
this way it goes down and puts the griddle
pull and move the iron pulls and moves in the iron pulls and we move the
iron up then with the stick of wood I’m doing the folds for
follow the outline of the heart and the iron is drying the starch and
making that fold be permanent so I’m going to continue with all the
silhouette until doing it completely with this
technique if they do not mind being able to use the
fingers that yes be careful not to burn and we are going to give it shape especially
here at this point is where there was necessary sometimes to use something a
pointy like a stiletto for be able to give that silhouette to the tip
what here again let’s give it shape until you finish see how the
edge is very redondito then we go to finish the silhouette of giving Here you can see how I have my heart
ready with the folds back the same thing I will do with the piece
rectangular and here it is simply much easier
because it is a rectangle then again we simply do
the edges we paint and with the iron we are giving shape
The only thing we have to take care of is that the little corner is well marked this way we’re going to go
painting with the brush and bending with the iron on the edge of the paper strawberry we help ourselves either with a toothpick or a
stiletto as I told you until we complete the entire contour
Of the piece Be careful not to burn yourself as I told you until we are left this way
here you can see how I turned the corners the last thing we do is flip it
and iron it a little bit more so that it Mark the angles well and now carefully
let’s remove the freezer paper in this way and we become very important
to bend the folds where they were already formed
that’s why starch is important for that the fabric keeps this memory of the
way we gave it they see it then just go back to
pass the iron a little and we already have our way
in fabric with the pleats bent towards in
and ready to be used in the same way we proceed with the heart we take it
With care of the paper freezer we return to accommodate what the folds go back to
be in in this way we turn it around and let’s go over the
Folds with the iron in this way very well
once we have our two pieces
what we are going to do is take our cloth
in this way and we will present where we would like it to be
okay for example
so if they want they can measure if they want can trace from the center where
they want it to be ok and they are going to take a rubber applicator
they are going to put rubber dots to everything around the silhouette
This way they can also put some in the center small dots so you can see
we place it where we are going to locate the shape there seems to me that it is centered and we take our iron and the heat of
the iron what it will do will dry the rubber so we will not need
pins for this piece to stay instead because it is going to adhere with the rubber and
the heat of the iron they see it is already adhered then I will repeat what I did here
with the heart and the comma in this piece and then we go to the sewing machine
where are we going to definitely do it with the towel Here I have how you can see the piece
adhered with the rubber see that you do not raise and now just what I’m going to
to do is a seam very close to edge
for this what I will do will be use the guides of my machine always
Starting a seam of this type I like that the thread
lower pull up so that do not knuckle down
something that is very important remember that the pins have marks for example
here on my side you can see that here is the center mark
here you see a mark next to and here another mark to the other side then what I’m going to
to do will be to align the fabric with this mark and the needle will go here to the center
what will produce a very stitch near the edge and this mark is going to be
the guide to locate and fabric okay
then let’s go little by little I’m going to locate the camera so that you can
watch but
I put the needle in position and let’s get to know all around the secret of this is to go slowly ok every time they reach a corner
if you can leave your needle down and we do this thing called pivoting and
is to turn on an axis and we continue sewing everyone Y
i here as you can see also almost
all the edge of the heart if you like or leave so or another option is to use
some of the decorative stitches of your machine to make you an edge in this
case I will use the stitch that is flame blanket stitch or blanket stage
which simply by emptying how many stitches on the edge and then
enter and make a stitch in this way to obtain then this result that
it’s the seam I made in the other heart then I finish doing
this well here where the stitch and then we’re going to decorate this
bottom piece with some straight lines here you can see how it is going to be
our project what I have left is make these decorative stitches that
I did on the other side they are very simple actually
is simply to follow lines and the way who assisted him was looking for my center
approximate does not have to be exact and to mark have several options
friction pens that remember that disappear with the heat
by lots friction that also disappears with the heat and the bond I leave
down here in the video description so they can get them in amazon
in costa rica they get the pens in universal bookstore there are
various colors or if you can not use a school marker of this type crayon
that says wasabi washable if it says it’s Washable or this that says water means
that will disappear once the we know
this is the one used for children we can clean the walls
these also work ok what I I did basically it was
drink approximately the center this measures m more or less here is the center
also more or less here he drew a line from the bottom to my center another line from the other side to the center and
now I repeat on the other side in this way
and in this way but you can see well the marks that I made
ok there you see more or less the marks in orange that I made with the rule
and for the center the only thing I did was make a kind of star then he located me over the center more
or minus two centimeters up two centimeters down
here too in the middle
2 up 2 down and stroke diagonal and and see how that star is now
I’m just going to go to the machine sew and I will sew following the lines
under low sub and term and for star start at the center I go up and down
back to the center I go out for another arm and on the same line I return
sewing towards the center I go to another arm and that’s going to go
little by little in each of the little arms of this star until completing the and
finish again in the center where just short of mine and here they have our project
finished the marks in the case of fiction pilots just pass a
little iron and disappear by full are used by the two pilots who are
they will have to wash the towel before using it so that it
they turn all the marks in the case see here as it disappeared
completely the orange color and we only have the decoration that
we did this was the project of this week this towel decorated with applique
freezer paper I hope you liked it remember to subscribe to the channel here and
see more videos here until next time