Clipmaker: Create Video Clips By Snipping Transcript Text

This video provides an overview of 3Play
Media’s Clipmaker application. Clipmaker is a powerful video search and editing
application that is available to all 3Play Media users. Clipmaker lets you search across your transcribed
video or audio files and quickly create clips simply by highlighting
the spoken words. You can create clip reels by combining segments
from multiple source files, and then export them for use in other applications
or for inclusion in reports. Clipmaker can even scan your media library and
automatically pull out clips that contain certain spoken words. Clipmaker is a free, web-based application
that can be launched directly from your 3Play Media account. You do not need to install any software, and you
can use it from any computer with an internet connection. Also it’s important to note whatever work you do
in Clipmaker has no effect on your original source files. The first step to getting started
is to create a collection. The purpose of a collection is to create a group
of files that you want to work on in Clipmaker. For example, you can create a collection for a
project or research study that includes only certain files. Collections can overlap, so the same source
file can be used in multiple collections. If you’re only using the collection for the
purpose of Clipmaker, leave the public access box unchecked. Your collections also store the clips
and clip reels that you create. To begin using Clipmaker,
click Launch Clipmaker. The pane on the left side of the screen contains
the source files that make up your collection. You can play the files or search them. When you search for a word, results are returned
on visual timelines showing the location of each occurrence. You can drill down further by clicking on the
blue segment on the timeline to reveal the section of transcript that
contains the search term. In the top right is a streaming video player. You can jump to any point in a video
by clicking in the timeline. Below the video player is an interactive
transcript that lets you navigate through a video by clicking on any word
to jump to a specific point. You can also search, download, or print
a transcript and create clips by highlighting the text. As you create clips, they get added to the working
clip reel, where they can be viewed and manipulated later. The working clip reel can be saved, printed, or
exported as a new video file for use in other applications or for inclusion in reports. Thank you for watching this overview
of the Clipmaker application. Please feel free to email or
call us with any questions.