Churn Dash Block | Sampler Sew Along | Whitney Sews

Hi everyone! I’m Whitney and I post a new sewing tutorial
every Wednesday to help sewers and quilters of all skill levels learn new projects and
techniques. This video is part of my Sampler Sew Along. It’s a block of the month style series where
I’m sharing tutorials for 12 different quilt blocks so you can sew along and make a sampler
style quilt from start to finish. If you’ve found this video at random and want
to know more about the Sew Along and see any videos in the series you may have missed then
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red button down below so you catch the rest of the Sampler Sew Along videos. Today’s quilt block is called Churn Dash or
sometimes referred to as Monkey Wrench. This block made it’s first appearance sometime
between the years of 1800 and 1849. It’s a fairly simple block, but can be very
interesting with up to four difference fabrics used on each block. I’ll be showing the block using three fabrics,
but feel free to use only two if you want. You will need (2) 5 x 5 inch squares from
a dark fabric and (2) from a light fabric. (4) pieces measuring 2.5 x 4.5 inches from
dark and (4) from light. As well as a 4.5 x 4.5 inch square from your
light fabric or from a whole other fabric. We’re going to start by making the half square
triangle units. Place two of the 5 inch squares right sides
together lining up all the edges. Use a ruler and marking pen to draw a line
between two opposite corners. I’ll have an amazon link below if you want
more info on my favorite supplies and anything purchased through it helps support future
Whitney Sews tutorials. Add a couple of pins. Then sew a quarter inch away on each side
of the line. Remove the pins and carefully cut right along
the marked line. Do this for both sets of squares. Starting with the darker fabric on top, open
the piece up and press flat with an iron. Repeat for each piece. You should now have 4 half square triangle
units. Trim up the units so they are all exactly
4.5 inches. It is really helpful to have an exact sized
ruler and use the diagonal marking to line up with the diagonal seam. Now onto the rectangles. Pair one of each fabric up, place right sides
together and sew with a quarter inch seam allowance. Then press open starting with the darker fabric
on top again. Lay out your pieces as shown, at this point
the block is a version of a nine patch meaning we have nine equal size squares to sew together. Lay the first two pieces of the top row right
sides together and sew. Repeat with the third piece in the row. Press both of the seams toward the center
of the row. Then sew the next row together. Press the seams in this one away from the
center. And finally sew the last row and press the
seams toward the center. By alternating the way they are pressed it
will help the seams nest together nicer. Lastly sew the three rows together and give
them a final press. Your churndash block is complete! It should measure 12.5 inches at this point. Take a pic and share it with #SamplerSewAlong
so we can all see it. Then go ahead and pick out the fabrics for
your next block which is shown here in grey. You can find the entire Sampler Sew Along
playlist linked right over here to the side and some more half square triangle projects
down there. Until next time, Happy Sewing!